David Allen
General Information
Species Human
Age 28
Ethnicity Caucasian
Residence David's Apartment
Status Alive
Affiliations Serenity General Hospital
Occupations Doctor
Abilities and Equipment
Alias(es) Mr. Allen
Friends Jessica Kelly
Chloe Williams
Romantic Partners Jessica Kelly
First Appearance Lost and not Found
David Allen is a character in the Mutant Drake Universe.


David takes on the appearance of a man wearing a light yellow jacket over a black casual shirt. He’s also wearing jeans and white shoes. He also has hazel eyes and brown hair as well as a tall, broad figure.


David has a timid and polite manner of speaking. He would also, sometimes, trip over his own words and nervous- at times. He treats others in a kind manner and is especially considerate to those he cares about. He had even went through something dangerous for a person that he had only met a couple of times before, in Raiders of the Lost City Part 1. Despite appearing as an average and nice guy, David seems to have a great understanding of chemicals and machinery. He also likes to keep details about himself low- only releasing something that seems basic as information about himself.

Powers and Abilities

As an individual with dormant Nanogenes, David Allen possesses no special abilities or Mutant powers.


Like every non-powered individual, David is exposed to many dangers and threats that can harm or even kill him.






Jessica Kelly

After being introduced by Chloe Williams, David seemed to have really connected with Kelly and had even met her a couple of times afterwards unintentionally. David really enjoyed talking with Kelly and being around her so he gave her his phone number so they can keep in touch. He seems very open towards Kelly and willing to spend more time with her as a friend.

Chloe Williams

Chloe has helped David with an issue in court which he had seemed very grateful for. While this issue remains unknown, he holds Chloe very highly and praises her for her efforts with every chance he gets.

Love Interests

Jessica Kelly

At the end of Reckoning, Kelly decided to move on from her previous relationship and start a relationship with David- to which he easily accepted.



While only meeting him briefly a couple of times, the two have a respectable relationship; most likely due to the fact that they hardly know each other outside of occupation and common friends.




  • It is instigated by Kelly's friends that she is seeing David. In fact, it's almost as if they're pushing for it to happen at times.
  • Little is really known about David aside from what he's willing to give up. 


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