David 10: Alien Oddysey is a Series of David.


David, with the "iTrix" Have to Defeat Big Enemies like the Dr. Psychobos, Stone Skull, and More.



  • David (With the iTrix)
  • Puchis (With the Nemetrix)
  • Uri (Human-Conductoid)
  • Andy (Anodite)


  • Stone Skull
  • Dr. Psychobos


  • Azmuth
  • Blukic
  • Driba
  • Plumbers

Episode Guide

First Season

  1. Let's Begin this Oddysey: Part 1: David Have to Defeat for First Time Stone Skull, a Powerful Villain ...
  2. Let's Begin this Oddysey: Part 2: Stone Skull will Win the Battle if David Don't Use all his Power ...
  3. Pair of Brains: In the Past, When David was 5 Years Old, He had to Defeat the Dr. Psychobos, Now We'll See How he Won ...
  4. [[]]: ???
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