Splix 10
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date N/A
Written by Batking30
Directed by Batking30
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(Selu is walking the street back to the apartment as Sparkle)

(A male walks up to her)

Male: Hi my name is Burt.

Selu: Hello my name is Se-, I mean Sparkle.

Burt(Nervously): Would you maybe want to go to dinner with me tomorrow?

Selu: Me like.

Burt: Well if you say.Wait!What?You will go with me?

Selu: Yes.

Burt(Happily): Well I'll come by your place tomorrow.Can I have your address?

(Selu hands him a printed card with her address)

(Back at the apartment Splix and Keith are playing Online Chess.

Splix(Curiously): So how was your walk.

Selu: Good.Man friend ask me to dinner.Me say yes.

(Keith falls out of his chair)

Splix(Worried): You okay Keith?

Keith(While Getting Up): I'm Fine.

Splix: Selu don't mean to be rude, but your manners are horrible!

Selu: Me manners fine.

Splix: Not really so you need a book I wrote called,"Dating For Dummies"!

Keith: When did you write that book?

Splix: This Morning.

Selu: Me need to read.

Splix: Fine start on Chapter 1, Correct Grammar.

(2 and a half hours later)

Splix: So how far are you now Selu?

Selu: Page 2.

(Splix's Mouth Falls Open and he swallows a fly)

(Splix runs into the kitchen, and drowns the fly by drinking Lemonade)

(Keith walks into Selu's room)

Selu: How are you tonight Keith?

Keith: Good want me to read to you?

Selu: Sure

(Splix checks on them 4 hours later, and he sees they are both asleep and they finished the book)

(The Next Morning Splix and Keith test her on her manners)

Splix(Yelling): Which fork do you use to pick your nose?!

Selu(Unsure): Um.. The smallest one?

Splix(Yelling): WRONG.You don't pick your nose with a fork.Only with your finger in the bathroom.

Keith: Stop yelling I think she's good with manners

(7 hours later it is time for her date)

Selu(Worried): What if he no like me.. I mean what if he doesn't like me?

Keith and Splix: He would not have asked you out if he did not want to go out with you.

(The Doorbell rings and Selu goes Sparkle, and Splix and Keith hide.

Burt: Ready?

Selu: Ready.

Burt: One last thing,we're going to play Paintball

(The episode fades to black as Keith and Splix start arguing over who gets to be white in Online Chess)







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