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Omega Beam
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Last remaining Leqal

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Project Doomsday

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Doomsday VS Darkseid

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Voiced by:

Michael Ironside

Darkseid is the last member of the alien species Leqal. His whole species is extinct because of Doomsday and for this reason he want to make him pay. He was accidentally saved from the same fate as his fellow Leqal as he was sent to the Null Void.


Darkseid looks quite similar to human beings but has the same seize of Doomsday. He have a grey skin and red eyes. He also wears a typical Leqal armor.

Darkseid is a sadistic warlord with a great sense of honor. He doesn't like when people interfere with his plans and doesn't have a problem with killing those who stand in his way. He really hates Doomsday and want to die when the spine of that mutant has been crumbled between his fingers.


Darkseid was a talented boy in his youth but his teachers were at most impressed by his power and his strategical abilities. He quickly became a general in the Leqal army and was tasked to secure the DK-007 facility from intruders. He was defeated by Doomsday as he sent him in to the Null Void, as his planet was destroyed by the antimatter bombs. This was revealed in Project Doomsday.

In Doomsday VS Darkseid, he was engaged in mortal combat with Doomsday. The battle ended undecided as Ben sent them to the end of the world. But if this is the end of him, is not sure...

Powers and abilities[]

Darkseid is much stronger than Four Arms and his strength rivals Doomsday's power. He has also a very high stamina but his most dangerous power is his Omega Beam. This lasers can easily kill weaker opponent by hit but when targeted, they will follow their victim until it has hit something. He himself can survive such attack. He also can survive in the vacuum of space, extreme heat and cold.


He has the same weakness as Doomsday.


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