This is the same alien that took Jake Brown's heart and killed its father. He shows up in fifth episode from the Borg 10- Alien Rescue Squad series, Armored adventure . Darkdeath is ferocious hunter, and eats meat. Darkdeath is both a male and female alien. In The Ultimate Negative 10 (part1) it grows to its adult form.


-Sharp claws+teeth+tail

-Super strong+fast

-Absorbs strenght by biting his oponents

-He makes a smell that fears every one near him

-Has no fear and is ferocious
Ultimate darkdeath

Ultimate Darkdeath

-Can swim

-From his mouth it comes out poisoness acid

-Night vision

Ultimate Abilities

-all his normal abilities but even better

-Carries desieses

-Fast demage regeneration

-Big as WayBig

Ultimate Dark Form Abilities

-all his ultimate abilities but even better
Xenomorph Dracus-1-

Ultimate Dark Form


-Shoots dark flames

-X-ray vision

-Bigger then WayBig more then twice

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