Dark Velocityraptor
General Information
Species Dark Nopea Lisko
Home World Snabbodla
Body Dinosaur like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super speed, agility, claws, invisibility, umbrakinesis
First Appearance Dark Forces

Dark Velocityraptor is a Dark Nopea Lisko from the planet Snabbodla in The Omni-Knights.He is the Dark Form of Velocityraptor . He is going to appear in the episode Dark Forces, and maybe after that episode.


Dark Velocityraptor looks like Velocityraptor, but is completely black, and has red eyes.


  • Super speed
  • Super agility
  • Big claws that can be used as an attack
  • Drill at the end of tail used a a spike attack
  • Big teeth
  • Becoming invisible
  • Controlling darkness
  • Teleportation
  • Intangibility


He can't run good on slippery surfaces, and can't survive exetreme cold due to him being a lizard. Exetreme light can really hurt him due to him being ghostly.




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