Dark Ultratrix

The Dark Ultratrix is a negative composition of the Ultratrix from Pred 10


  • Can Turn Yami Pred into negative versions of any of Pred's unlocked aliens
  • If Yami Pred scans an alien with it, the alien becomes unlocked for Both the Dark Ultratrix and Ultratrix, sometimes causing Pred to go into an unexpected Form lock
  • It has a fuction that the Ultratrix lacks at this current time, called Dark Evloution, turning the Alien into a Dark twisted version of the Ultimate Form


The Dark Ultratrix, like the Ultratrix, contains a personality core AI system, but unlike the Ultratrix's light hearted and witty attitude, the personality of the Dark Ultratrix is Dark and Mocking, simmiliar to the Joker from Batman.

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