This content contains material that may be unsuitable for children age 14 and below.

Mutant Drake
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date 3/10/20
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Dark Turns is the twenty-seventh episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, the continuing day, the sky is a dull shade of blue with a passing cloud or two overhead. The city can be seen from overhead with its towering buildings and what not until an explosion is heard coming from below. Smoke then begins to rise up into view with the embers of a fire floating around it. The view then lowers to the street level where Mutants like monster-like appearance crawl through the streets, wrecking the street.

April 19, 10:09 EDT

Citizens can be seen, running from their lives as the monstrous Mutants approach them. Just a pair of people rush by, a piece of debris and other glass fragments drop near them, crashing against the pavement. They glance up and move out of the way as more debris crashes down. The view pans upwards, showing a bulky man climbing up the side of the skyscraper. He then slams his fist against the building, creating a small explosion with the impact. The force- of course- breaks apart the building, creating more debris to fall towards the street. The view follows the debris following before stopping mid-way, with a glowing figure in the distance. In a large parking lot close to the water, a group of people are trapped against a bus being melted by a Mutant with lava pouring from his back; continuing to part down his face. The lava then spreads from the bus, slowly reaching and proceeding to entrap the group of people in the parking lot corner.

Lava Mutant: I’m… I’m sorry.

His voice breaks as he utters those words under his breath. As the lava continues flowing from his hands onto the bus and pouring onto the parking lot floor, a woman trips and lets out a haunting scream.

Title Sequence

The scene continues with the scene now at another part of the city, with several buildings standing tall and the Helper Headquarters among them.

Helper Headquarters
April 19, 10:15 EDT

Inside the main meeting room, the team is together- looking ahead at the big screen while Adam sits on the couch, navigating from his laptop.

Jake: What’s the danger, Adam?

Adam: I got an alert earlier; a call from a PD cruiser. Looks like there are Mutants on the loose out there.

Fionna: What kind of Mutants?

Emmett: If I had to guess…

Drake: The ones from Reeves’ experiment… the second Incident.

Jake: Alright, look- things are getting pretty intense out there. We know the danger from that Incident and the effects it caused. We can assume nearly half of the city has mutated and gained some kind of Mutant power overnight. Now it looks like the danger is here.

Danny: Well, we gotta stop ‘em! We can’t let them use their powers just to hurt other people.

Fionna: Hold on. Maybe it’s just that some of these people just don’t have control over their own abilities. I’ve seen that kind of thing happen before.

Fionna turns to the screen, seeing a window showing footage of the lava Mutant. She squints slightly before turning to the rest of the team again.

Fionna: One of them looks like he’s in pain. Like he’s lost. I’ve seen that face before. And if that’s not enough, look at his hands. Non-stop lava pouring from his arms for how long now? There’s a chance he can’t turn off his powers. That he’s as much of a danger to himself as everyone around him.

Drake: Fionna has a point. But in the end, we have to be there to help them find control and help the people that they’re hurting. If they’re trying to or not doesn’t matter right now.

Elias, unseen: And what are we going to do?

Drake turns his head and sees the new recruits- Elias, Emma and Zara- watching from the other side of the room.

Drake: This sounds serious, Elias. You should probably stay behind.

Elias: What?! You wanted me on this team so here I am. And now you want me to just sit around and do nothing?

Drake: We’re not letting you... not do anything. It’s dangerous out there and you three still need the right experience that training can’t give you. You’re going to stay here for now. But if you really want to help, there are probably going to be other problems throughout the city. Smaller problems… Adam should be able to help you with that.

Adam stumbles upon hearing his head, as if paying attention to the conversation again.

Adam: Uh! Y-Yeah. I’ve got it.

Drake: ...Right now, we have a city to save.

Jake: ...Right then. Okay Helpers, let’s get to work.

Jake claps his hands together and starts heading out. The other Helpers look among each other and follow him out, leaving the others behind in the main room. Adam continues typing on his laptop and takes a second to high five Danny on the way out. The scene then cuts to the rooftop, where the Helpers’ Jumpjet gets ready before taking off into the air. The scene cuts again to the meeting room, where Elias storms ahead- moving away from the others, mumbling to himself. Zara’s eyes follow him as he continues ahead. Meanwhile, Adam is still typing away on his laptop- monitoring surveillance footage and working on coding at the same time. Emma comes up behind him, watching his screen.

Emma: Whatcha up to?

Adam: Just keeping tabs on those Mutant attacks via security surveillance and working on finishing the coding for an algorithm that can predict and analyze events similar to these in case they occur again in the future. Just- y’know- stuff. But uh- how about you? How are... things?

He turns to face her, still seated on the couch with his laptop on his lap.

Adam: It’s um- been a while since we talked.

Emma appears flattered.

Emma: I’m doing well! But yeah, same for you too. We sort of stopped talking after a bit.

Adam: Well, a lot’s happened since then… but I’m glad. That you’re apart of the team, I mean.

Emma, glancing off to the side: Yeah… I guess so.

Adam gives her a questionable look but Emma turns back to him.

Emma: But I’m more glad for you. At least, now we can talk to each other more often.

Adam: Heh. Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

The scene cuts to the other side of the room, where the view shows Adam and Emma still conversing with each other. Zara watches, while sitting down, but then turns her attention to Elias- who looks out of the window with disdain on his face. She leans over from her seat, towards Elias.

Zara, in a hushed tone: You should probably just calm down. Getting worked up isn’t going to help you.

Elias: When we joined this team, we were supposed to be out there- in the city- making a difference. Being a vigilante was supposed to get me the chance to be myself and help others. I would have thought that you, of all people, would get that.

Zara, in a hushed tone: Look, I know where you’re coming from. I get it. But picking fights with them isn’t going to get you on their side. If anything, it’ll stop us from doing what we want to do.

Elias: (sigh) I know you’re probably right but-

Zara: More like I’m definitely right.

She smirks at him and he turns to her with a slight smile on his face as well. An alert is then heard throughout the main room. Adam turns from Emma to his computer with great haste and pulls up some files.

Emma: What’s wrong? Did something happen out there?

Adam: Sort of. Let me just-

Adam types on the computer and looks up at the big screen. Two seperate files soon appear there for the rest to see. Elias, followed by Zara, makes their way to the others as the alert slowly dies down.

Elias: Uh, what am I looking at here?

Adam: Just a couple of cases reported by authorities involving Mutant activity in the area. Pretty minor from the look of it but it could still use some investigating. And the others are away, handling those attacks downtown. I suppose we could wait until they’re done...

Elias: Heh! Are you kidding? Like I’m gonna pass up a chance like this!

Elias starts to head out of the meeting room.

Emma: Wait, you’re leaving already? But what about-

Elias: Yes! I’ve got this! (chuckles) I’ve got this.

Adam: Hey! You should at least take-

Elias leaves the room, with the door shutting behind him.

Adam, sentence trailing off: -someone with you… Does he uh- do this often?

Emma: He seems like the sort. Yeah...

Emma sighs, scrunching the bridge of her nose. She then turns back to the big screen and sees the other case on the right-hand side.

Emma: I suppose we could look into the other one.

Emma turns to Zara, which catches her off guard.

Emma: What do you say?

Zara grimaces and holds the sides of her cloak. She takes a step back and glances to the side. She then sighs, glancing back at Emma. She then nods, reluctantly.

Adam: Great. Looks like that’s all settled. I’ll be here on comms if you two run into any trouble.

Emma: Thanks, Adam. We’ll see you later. Come on, Zara.

Emma heads for the exit with Zara- still gripping her cloak- following behind at a much slower pace. The scene then cuts over to downtown Manhattan where the Helpers are on the scene against the attacking Mutants. Ember glides over to the parking lot near the harbor and drops from her flames onto a nearby rooftop. She then activates her comms, looking down at the lava Mutant below, still spewing lava from his arms.

Ember: I have sight of one of the Mutants. He’s still there, shooting out lava. I’m going to see if I can calm him down.

Vigilante, over the comms: Be careful.

Ember: Always.

She drops down from the rooftop. The scene cuts again to Leviathan dealing blows with a bulky Mutant in a building.

Leviathan: Shouldn’t you be using your powers more responsibly?

Bulky Mutant: Are you kiddin’? This is the most fun I’ve ever had in this pathetic city!

The Mutant lunches forward, throwing out an explosive punch that knocks Leviathan back, close to the broken window- stories above the ground. He glances back at the distance below then turns back, determined.

Bulky Mutant: So you’re gonna keep comin’ at me, huh? Well, then I’ll just have to throw something at you then!

He then charges up a shot and blows a charge of explosives towards him. Leviathan, surprised, throws his arms up to block the shot but Defender crashes down and throws up an energy barrier, blocking the explosives from hitting the both of them.

Defender: Need a hand?

Leviathan: Thanks for the defense. Something tells me dealing with troublemakers is going to take a while.

Defender: Yeah, well, his loss. I always liked games that take some time to finish!

Defender says that with a grin as the two of them stand together by the edge. The scene then cuts to ground level where one of the crawling Mutants from before can be seen being thrown out into the street- tumbling until slamming against the side of a car. Another one of the Mutants jump ahead, ready for an attack with their claws before getting shot with a web of some kind- wrapping around its body. The Mutant crashes down on the floor before their beastly features start to revert back into her body. The Vigilante steps ahead, deactivating his Neuro-Web form from his wrists.

Vigilante: Status?

Velocity rushes over, dusting off his hands.

Velocity: Just wrapping things up.

The Vigilante just looks at him.

Velocity: I uh- I found some chains and wrapped them up. That’s the um joke there…

Vigilante: Good. Looks like we’re done here, we can help the others now.

Velocity: Alright, sounds like a-

Adam, over the comms: Hey, you guys read?

Vigilante: We can. What’s happening?

Adam, over the comms: Nothing much. I sent the rookies out to investigate some minor reports of Mutant attacks in the area around Headquarters. Should be nothing they can’t handle but just wanted to let you guys know. Oh! And Elias did go by himself so he may or may not need some back up with him… just in case, y’know.

Vigilante: Ngh… Someone should- (pause)- probably go with him then.

Adam, over the comms: Dude, just go help him out. I know you’re not busy- I can see through your goggles, remember?

The Vigilante mutters and glances over at Velocity, who throws his hands up, with a smirk.

Velocity: Hey, at least it’s not my goggles being hacked.

The Vigilante did not seem to appreciate that.

Adam, over the comms: Oh and nice work over at Times Square with those civilians, Danny.

Velocity: Uh… Times Square? Heh. Dude, what are you talking about? I was over here the whole time.

Adam, over the comms: Huh? Oh, I thought you just ran over here. I’ve got reports of a speedster around Times Square helping people out. Wait, so if that wasn’t you then-

Velocity: There’s… another speedster?

Vigilante: You should check it out.

Velocity: What about the others?

Vigilante: The others can handle themselves. This sounds important.

Velocity: A-Alright. Sure. I’ll be back before you know it.

Velocity runs off while the Vigilante walks off through an alleyway.

Vigilante: Where’s Elias’ location?

Adam, over the comms: I’ll send it to you now.

He walks off screen before the scene, itself, cuts over to a street elsewhere in the city.

Madison Avenue
April 19, 11:37 EDT

A police cruiser can be seen driving ahead at fast speeds with its siren blaring loudly. Before the cruiser, a young man can be seen running ahead with a fearful look on his face. He’s wearing a green, buttoned shirt and black dress pants. He also has black hair with green streaks and dark colored eyes. He continues running ahead, turning the corner down an alleyway. The cruiser follows, not too far behind.

Police Officer, over announcer: Stop! You have nowhere left to run!

The man turns and throws out his hands. He then raises them as they resonate with green energy before he pulls them down forcefully. A gate then closes before him and the cruiser, separating them. The cruiser tries breaking but hits the gate- denting the front slightly, causing smoke to rise from the hood. The door opens and Ryan Wilson steps out, holding his head.

Ryan Wilson: Son of a gun… ugh-

He reaches out his radio and activates it.

Ryan Wilson: This is Officer Wilson. Suspect is on the loose, I need back up on the way. Be advised- suspect is a Mutant; has the power to move things I reckon.

Operator, over the radio: Standby.

The scene cuts back to the man running through the alleyway with the view coming from overhead, on the rooftops. A figure can be seen looking down at him from there. The figure then runs across the rooftops quickly, running off screen. The man can still be seen running but starts slowing down. He then stops, squatting slightly and placing his hands on his knees. He lowers his head to catch a breath. An odd metallic shifting can be heard, catching the man’s attention. He looks around, curiously, before turning around to see the figure sliding down a metal pole before jumping down on him. He raises his hands but the figure catches him off guard, knocking him to the ground. The man backs up and sees Elias standing before him in his new vigilante suit.

Elias: You might be able to run from the cops, but you can’t run from me.

Man, putting his hands up: Wait, wait, wait. Please. Please, don’t hurt me. I- I didn’t do anything. I don’t… want to hurt anyone. I’m not that kind of Mutant.

Elias: What?

Voice: Hey!

Elias turns around and sees the Vigilante drop down.

Elias: Oh look who decided to show. I don’t need a babysitter.

Vigilante: I’m not here to watch you. I’m here to watch him.

Elias: Well, as you can see, it’s handled.

Vigilante: Why did you run?

Man: The police want to take me in. They think I committed a crime b-but I swear I didn’t. I know you probably don’t believe me but it’s true!

Elias looks down at the man. He’s shaking. His expression softens with woe.

Vigilante: I’ve heard it before. Come on, get up!

Elias: W-Wait, Vigilante. Maybe we should… I dunno, hear him out first.

Vigilante: Are you serious? He could be a criminal.

Elias: We don’t know that! Look, I could’ve been a criminal but you… you heard me out. I just- I just want to do the same thing for him. If he is, then that’s it. I won’t fight it. But I can’t just judge someone like that.

The Vigilante stares at him then glances over at the man on the ground.

Vigilante: Hmph.

He then turns away from the both of them and walks a few feet away.

Vigilante: Adam, I need a report.

Adam, over the comms: What do you wanna know? I could probably hack it up in less than a minute. And that’s just me being humble.

Vigilante: Your name!

The man lifts his head from the ground and looks over at the Vigilante.

Man: W-What?

He turns to face the man on the ground.

Vigilante: I’m not going to ask you again.

Man: Uh- Julian! Julian Marshall-Grey.

Vigilante: You got that?

Adam, over the comms: I’m on it.

Some typing can be heard faintly before a short gasp.

Adam, over the comms: Huh, looks like the police were already looking into this guy. Julian Marshall-Grey, wanted for workplace theft, cyberterrorism and uh- ...murder. A woman.

The Vigilante grunts beneath his breath and lowers his head slightly. He stands there for a moment, silent. Before dropping a heavy breath.

Vigilante: What else does the report say?

The scene cuts back to Adam, who tilts his head- looking at his laptop. He has an earpiece in his ear which seems to be activated.

Adam: It says he killed her using his Mutant power to control machinery. Surveillance footage shows that some loading equipment was disengaged- dropping a shipment on her, killing her.

Vigilante, over the comms: Is there… a chance that he didn’t do it?

Adam: Wow! It sounds like you don’t want to slam your fist into someone for once.

Vigilante, over the comms: Just answer the question, Adam.

Adam, typing: Let me see. I’m hacking into the company he worked for. Their cyber-security is intense but I should be able to access the less guarded stuff such as shipping and receiving.

As he types, a diagram of a warehouse appears with blue indicators appearing as well.

Adam: Alright, I’m in. Heh, I always wanted to say that.

Vigilante, over the comms: What do you have?

Adam: Only access to the records of the equipment. Which is exactly what I need. The machine that was disengaged. If I can cross-examine the inputs to their mechanisms, it should become clear that it was-

The input for one of the machines is now red.

Adam: Red? But that means… is it a manual input? According to this, the frequency detected was different from the one he gave off.

Vigilante, over the comms: What does that mean?

Adam: It means, it wasn’t coming off from a Mutant, it was an internal source. In other words, someone else at the facility turned that machine off.

Vigilante, glancing at Julian: It’s a set up.

Adam, over the comms: It looks like it… yeah.

Vigilante: Hmph…

The scene shows Elias helping Julian up while the Vigilante walks over.

Vigilante: Alright, it looks like you were telling the truth after all.

Julian: So, you believe me? The Vigilante believes me. But now that means we can go to the police- tell them what really happened!

Vigilante: We’re vigilantes. We might know the truth now but whatever we say can’t be used by the police. It’s what we do that matters. And we can only do what we can because of a rule… made by someone I know. It lets us be vigilantes on our own- without affecting the police. I would guess it works both ways too.

Elias, with arms crossed: Besides, when have the cops ever been that reliable?

The Vigilante turns sternly to Julian but then ponders on that thought for a moment.

Elias: So anyway, what do we do now?

Julian: If the police are off the table then I don’t see any other choice.

Elias looks at him; this catches the attention of the Vigilante as well.

Julian: We’ll just have to find the true culprit and bring him to justice ourselves.

Elias: Yeah… Yeah! That’s a great idea! We should totally do that.

Vigilante: You want us to take the law into our hands?

Elias, turning to the Vigilante: Isn’t that what we do? We’re vigilantes, you said it yourself. You go out and put up a hood. Isn’t that why you go out and save the city? To bring people justice?

The Vigilante glares at the two of them.

Vigilante: Tch. Fine! We’ll find this true culprit… we’ll bring him to justice. (looking at Julian) And we’ll get your life back together.

Julian: ...Thank you, vigilantes. I can’t ask for anything more.

A subtle but valid smile appears on Julian’s tired face before the scene cuts over to a tunnel beneath a bridge. The sunlight is obscured by the bridge overhead- casting the tunnel into darkness from its shadows. There’s still some light coming in from the side, connecting together to form an opening however there are also blind spots on the sides.

Central Park
Greyshot Arch
April 19, 11:46 EDT

In the short distance, Emma and Zara can be seen walking together- though Zara is a couple of feet behind Emma. Zara is looking off to the side while Emma looks straight ahead, conversing.

Emma: I just realized this is our first mission as Helpers. As actual vigilantes. I don’t feel too different. I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing. I’m actually wondering how exactly we’re going to deal with this particular threat.

Emma looks over at Zara who avoids eye contact with her.

Emma: What do you think?

Zara turns her head, clenching the side of the cloak. Emma starts walking backwards as she looks over at Zara.

Emma: Hey, is something wrong or-

Just from the side of the dark shadows, a man in torn clothing rises and brandishes a pocket knife from his pocket. He then raises it above Emma- ready to strike. Zara glances over, her eyes light up in surprise.

Zara, throwing back her cloak: Hey, look out!

Emma stops and looks back, in surprise as she sees the knife coming down towards her. Zara’s hands glow with energy but- before she can react- the man is grabbed from behind with something dark and pulled quickly into the shadows behind him.


He vanishes without a trace into the tunnel with both Emma and Zara standing there, shocked and imidated. A moment passes without a sound from the tunnel. The two of them look at each other for a second before turning back to the tunnel. Zara then steps forward, walking into the tunnel. Emma reaches for her.

Emma: Wait, you shouldn’t-

Zara ignores her warning, proceeding inside. Emma then stands alone but takes a breath and follows her inside. She looks around but stops before Zara who is looking down at the ground.

Emma: W-What is it?

Emma looks down as well and sees the man’s unconscious body laying there in the tunnel. A sharp exhale is heard, drawing their attention to a girl, appearing halfway in the sunlight whilst the other half is in the shadows. She’s wearing a grey coat that’s so large it’s practically wrapped around her like a cloth. She also has black knee socks with white sneakers, purple eyes and short, grey hair. She looks frightened by the two.

Girl: I-I’m sorry. I… I didn’t mean to.

Emma: It’s alright. You… saved my life.

Girl: He was going to hurt you so I stopped him.

Emma: All by yourself?

Girl: I’m… special.

As she glances down- off to the side, she clutches her hands together as the shadows beneath the tunnel start to shift on their own. Zara watches with slight surprise as they move. Emma watches as well.

Emma: I think we found our Mutant.

The scene cuts once more, this time focuses another section of Manhattan with plenty of people moving about- attending to their own business.

Times Square
April 19, 11:50 EDT

A blue blur speeds past, moving from building to building within the area. Soon enough, the blur appears at the center of Times Square, taking the appearance of Velocity; he looks stumped as he looks around, hands on his hips.

Velocity: Just where could this guy be?

Sound of laughter and cheering can be heard faintly in the distance. He glances over and sees a small gathering by the red, bleacher seats not too far away. His face straightens as his body turns in that direction.

Velocity: There you are.

He then speeds ahead, arriving by the stairs in a matter of seconds; leaving behind a gust of wind once stopping before the gathering of people.

Man: Oh wow, it’s Velocity!

Woman: I can’t believe it, two speedsters? What are the chances?

Velocity: Oh uh- hi, everyone. How’s everything-

He stops mid-sentence as he looks past the crowd. On the stairs, another costumed figure stands, signing a book for a young woman wearing a red jacket and jeans.

Velocity, continuing: -going…

His outfit is a yellow jacket with brown strikes and shoulder pads, a light blue color and zipper with two, thick, slanted stripes sealing it together, black lightning bolts designed on the pads and bottom of the jacket, black elbow pads and orange gauntlets that connect to a pair of gloves. His pants are dark blue with light blue stripes leading down to the light blue boots with grey soles; they have fins on the back. His mask is also yellow with faint brown tones blended in; it leaves his hair exposed as well as his nose, mouth and chin while covering his eyes and the sides of his face. His hair is black and his eyes are concealed by a white lens built into the helmet.

Other Speedster: And there you go, little lady. One autograph from a famous super speedster hero. Heh.

Velocity: Who the heck are you?

The other speedster turns to Velocity, surprised at first but soon a wide grin appears on his face.

Other Speedster: Haha! Hey! It’s you, you’re here. I’m the new guy! Name’s Trackstar.

He rushes over with great speed to next before him.

Trackstar: I just gotta say, I’ve always wanted to meet you, dude. You’ve like- inspired me to be who I am, man!

Velocity: Whoa. You’re… fast.

Other Speedster: Oh please, I try. But you- you’re a real hero. At least, you are to me. I’m such a huge fan of your work, man. (waves hand through the air) The mysterious Speedster! Haha!

Velocity: It’s uh- It’s Velocity now.

Trackstar: Huh? Oh yeah, Velocity. Cool, cool. I mean I dunno about the name change but look, I’m a speedster- you’re a speedster. This was like destiny or somethin’, am I right? We should team up!

Velocity: I didn’t even realize there were other vigilantes out here in the city, especially a speedster like you.

Trackstar: Yeah, well, it wasn’t a long-term thing. I got these powers when that weird blast went all over the city a couple of days ago. Since then, I put together a suit and knew exactly what I had to do. Run the bad guys out of town! Haha, yeah! Talk about an origin story, am I right?

Velocity: So that’s what you’re doing. Huh!

Trackstar: Yeah, man! I’m like the fastest vigilante alive! Uh, not next to you, of course. But I mean- I don’t wanna toot my own horn but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve that make up for it. Velocity: Tricks?

Trackstar: Yeah, just something I’m trying out but listen about that team up.

Velocity: Wait, hold on. Before we go anywhere with that, I gotta know. You didn’t just put on a suit and call yourself a vigilante. What gets you going? I’m just… curious, y’know?

Trackstar looks at him for a short moment and chuckles.

Trackstar: There’s a bunch of bad guys out there who just got super powers. Using those powers for their own gain, hurting others and only caring for themselves. Meanwhile, people are out here suffering day in and day out.I don’t wanna be anything like the bad guys. I just wanna run around and save lives, y’know?

Velocity: Yeah… I think I do.

Trackstar: We should get to know each other more! Let’s hang out, man!

Velocity: I dunno… I’m sorta on the clock here. Vigilante and all.

Trackstar: Oh come on, we’re fast boys. We can make it back before they know it.

Velocity: I guess. I mean, you do seem pretty cool.

Trackstar: Great! Alright, just follow me. I know the way!

He walks forward, facing the crowd behind them.

Trackstar: And to all you glorious people of New York, I hope we run into each other soon! Haha! Laters!

Trackstar runs off with Velocity following after. Their blurs fade from the scene as they project down, further into the city. The scene then cuts back to the Vigilante, Elias and Julian- who are at the side of a building, making their way down towards the street.

Elias: You know, I just realized I don't have a vigilante name.

Vigilante, looking ahead, carefully: Is this important?

Elias: Well, we can't just have you calling me by my name. I could get caught or somethin'. I'm thinkin' I could like... Fist Man, 'cause I like punchin' people.

Vigilante: Fist... Man?

Elias: Yeah! Oh! Or how about… Power Hand! ‘Cause power comes from my hand.

He looks down at this glove and clenches his fist.

Elias: Or since I’m wearing gloves now, I could be called Power G-

Vigilante: Maybe we should talk about this at another time.

Elias: Oh uh- yeah, sure.

Vigilante, stopping: There it is.

Before them, there’s a small compound with a sign built into the front of the building, reading “Altiare Dynamics”.

Altiare Dynamics
April 19, 12:14 EDT

The scene cuts over to the three of them looking around the compound. They duck their heads down as a security guard passes through.

Elias: I’m not seeing anything here. What exactly does evidence look like again?

Vigilante: You’ll know when you see it.

Julian: I was here when the police started chasing me down. This is… where I work. Or I guess I should say, worked. Past-tense.

Vigilante: Look, we won’t get anywhere if we don’t know what happened. It was a murder. You need to tell us more.

Julian: I… I don’t know how it happened but- there was just so much happening.

Elias, putting his hand on his shoulder: Hey, it’s alright. You got this.

Julian looks at him then nods.

Julian: Alright well, I guess it all began when I started working here. You see, I’m an intern.

Vigilante: What’s that?

Julian: It’s uh- someone who works for the experience. I wasn’t getting paid too much but I was always interested in technology and machines. I hoped that working here would help me get an actual job as an engineer or something. That’s… when I met her.

Elias: Who?

Julian: Alita. She was an employee there; she was in charge of training me. She was so kind and smart. Gosh, I was so into her. But then- it happened. That flash in the sky just the other day. I was working the late shift and, well, I just felt this power coursing through me.

He looks at his arm which glows with technical lines and patterns.

Julian: That’s when I discovered I had these powers. I kept them hidden but, well, I needed to tell someone. Anyone. I just had so many feelings and emotions that it was overwhelming. That’s when I knew I had to tell her.

Vigilante: You told her your secret.

Julian: Yeah. And how I feel. And she… said she felt the same way. But then that’s when the blackmailing happened. My boss overheard me confess to her about my powers. He wanted me to work overtime for him, at a different company. Otherwise, he’d start talking.

Elias: So what’d you do?

Julian: What do you think I did? I said no. I just got these powers but I wasn’t going to just let someone control me and use them for their own gain. Even if… he was my boss.

Elias: I take it he didn’t take it nicely.

Julian: All I know is the next thing I know, the police are coming after me the next day all because they think I killed her. Like… how could I ever do something like that? I could never bring myself to kill anyone, especially her!

Vigilante: I had someone review the security camera footage. She was killed by a machine. Your mutant power lets you control machines. It’s easy to see how the police thought you were her killer.

Julian: But I wasn’t. You said it yourself, I’m being set up. And he had to be involved somehow.

Elias: Who?

Julian glances off to the side but his eyes rise up, somewhat alert. He then points ahead.

Julian: Him.

Elias and the Vigilante turn over in the direction of his finger and see a man in a blazer over a white collared dress shirt. He has short, black hair and brown eyes. The man is carrying a briefcase as he exits the compound with one of the security guards holding the door open for him. He approaches a truck parked in the front of the facility.

Julian: My boss, Andrew Probst- the CEO of Altiare Dynamics.

Elias grips the side of the fence they’re hiding behind, with his hand starting to glow slightly. The Vigilante glances over as the bearing of Elias’ teeth can be heard more clearly.

Vigilante: Calm down. We can’t do anything to him here.

Elias: Are you serious right now? He pretty much just said the guy did it!

Vigilante: We need proof. Evidence… That’s what it is, right? Without that, we can’t prove he’s a murderer and Julian will be a criminal, forever. If we want to save him, we have to prove it.

Elias: You didn’t do that before!

Vigilante: Well, I changed. I learned from my mistakes… so you don’t make the same ones I did. Things are different from before. We can’t just drop down and break someone’s body to prove something. We need to be better than that.

Elias: So we just let him go? Like a wuss?

Vigilante: No. We follow him. Wherever he’s going, we can catch him there. There might be more evidence there, then over here.

Julian: Even I don’t know where he heads off to. I just assumed it was that other company he mentioned.

The Vigilante places an ear to his comms and turns away from Julian.

Vigilante: Adam.

Adam, over the comms: What’s up, V?

Vigilante: Andrew Probst. Does he work with another company, other than Altiare Dynamics?

Adam, over the comms: Hang on. I’ll pull up a profile. (pause) No, it looks like he’s only ever been in charge of Altiare Dynamics, one of the city’s best technological development centers. It would’ve been in direct competition with Murphy Industries if it didn’t turn into a nest for alien invaders and later the headquarters for crime-fighting vigilantes. Although, I do with some chatter on the web. Rumors of dealings with not companies but organizations. There aren’t any details but, he could be up to something. Watch yourselves.

Vigilante: Alright, we’ll look into it.

He turns to the others. Elias, holding his own earpiece, nods at the Vigilante.

Vigilante: Let’s go.

The scene cuts once again over to the girls, Emma and Zara, now located in an open lot which seems to have been cleared out. The ground is concrete and they’re surrounded by a high metallic fence. The concrete ground only covers a major portion of the lot while the remaining ground is tall grass.

Abandoned Lot
April 19, 12:23 EDT

The girl wrapped in the grey coat holds her arm with uncertainty as she stands in what looks like the middle of the lot. Across from her, stands Emma and Zara with a plastic crate of glass bottles and other small assortments. Emma seems slightly out of breath while Zara stands a few feet away from both of them, but closer towards Emma.

Emma, wiping sweat from her forehead: Alright. So, I just collected a few things from around the area. These should help with the exercise.

The girl bites her lip and her eyebrows crunch up slightly. Her whole body looks as though it’ll curl up with how close her arms are to her chest and how hunched her back is.

Emma: Ah, there’s nothing to worry about. We want you to use your powers so it’ll be alright. We just want to help you feel comfortable with your mutant powers so that way it’s not so scary anymore.

Girl: I… I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Emma: You won’t. Trust me, this will help with that.

She glances over at Zara- who awkwardly accepts the glance. She looks off to the side, holding her cloak before clearing her throat.

Zara: Uh.. She’s right, you know. It’s all about control.

She continues while not directly looking at anyone.

Zara: With learning control, your powers could grow unstable, and well, they could hurt people. I also had to learn about control when using my powers. It’s like what father taught me when I was little.

Girl: Your father?

Zara: Ngh. Y-Yes. My father. He showed me how to use my power; my gift.

Girl: And you’re going to show me. Both of you?

Emma: We’ll do our best.

Girl: O-Okay. I’ll do my best too!

Emma: Great! Now, you used your powers to control darkness like shadows, right? They sort of launched at that robber and attacked him.

Girl: Y-You don’t want me to attack you, right?!

Emma: Oh no. No, no, sorry for that. I meant you could try attacking these bottles and such. If you get better at telling your shadows where to go, you might get better at controlling them.

Girl: Oh. I see.

Emma: Alright, stand back I’ll give it my best throw!

The girl steps a foot back. She glances down, watching the distance she journeyed and decides to step back a few more feet. All while Emma is searching through the crate. Zara watches her search until she pulls out a bottle.

Emma: Alright, here goes!

Emma gets into pitcher pose and throws the bottle, however it doesn’t go too far or too high for that matter. He sorta just flails forward and crashes onto the ground, breaking into pieces. The area is silent for a moment as Emma looks at the remaining pieces of the bottle she just threw while the girl across just watches her. A chuckle is then heard, catching Emma’s attention. She glances over at Zara who covers her mouth.

Zara: Heh. S-Sorry.

Emma: Don’t worry, I’ll just- try again.

As she reaches in, Zara takes her hand.

Emma: Huh?

Zara: Here, uh- let me try.

Zara takes a bottle into her hand and turns to the girl across from them. She then closes her eyes and takes a breath.

Zara, tossing the bottle into the air: Sadooka!

A trail of energy lingers from Zara’s fingers onto the bottle, itself, giving the throw a bit more of a kick into the air. The girl now stands ready and alert with how high and powerful the throw becomes. She then throws out her hand and a shadow from a nearby wall flies off the wall, cracking at the bottle and shattering it up above in the air. Emma and the girl raise their arms to cover themselves but the glass fragments land at a safe enough speed to not cause too much alert. The girl finds herself smiling.

Girl: I… I got one! (laugh) I did it, yeah?

Emma: Heh. Yeah, you sure did. Alright, I might not be able to throw bottles but I can toss rocks.

She reaches into the crate, pulling out some rocks in her hands.

Emma: Just try tagging these with your shadows. I calculated it in my head and I think they’ll make for some good simulation and hand-eye coordination. Or erm- shadow-eye coordination.

Girl: Um, alright. I’ll try.

Emma tosses the rocks before the girl and they slide against the concerte in different spots before coming to a short rest. The girl maps out each one with her eyes and places her hand against the ground. The darkness from her own shadow stretches out upon the ground and crawls before picking up speed. It then reaches each rock, tagging one after the other before reaching the final one. The girl then recalls the shadow and takes a breath. She seems a little winded.

Emma: Nice one!

The girl drops to a single knee and Emma’ smile fades. She goes over to her with Zara taking only a step forward.

Emma, comforting her: Hey, are you alright?

Girl: Yes. I’m fine, just tired. I haven’t done something like that before. Controlling is difficult.

Emma: I know, but I’m sure it’ll be easier the more you do it.

Girl: Y-Yeah, I suppose so.

Emma: How about we take a break? So we can both catch our breaths, eh?

Girl: Alright. That sounds nice. By the way, what’s your name?

Emma: My name? I’m Emma and that’s Zara.

Zara gives a small wave.

Emma: How about you?

Girl: Tara. Tara Veil. Are you Helpers?

Emma: We’re… trying to be.

Tara: That sounds nice to have dreams.

Emma: It does… doesn’t it?

The scene cuts to a moment later with Tara laying on the ground, looking up at the sky while Emma and Zara sit next to each other, close to the fence, watching her from the distance.

Emma: I just really think we can get somewhere with her. Kinda like the training they gave us back at Headquarters. If we can help her control her powers, she could be a vigilante like the others. We’ll be helping to save the city by giving it another Helper!

Zara: Hm…

Emma: Plus, there’d be another girl on the team. I know you like Elias but come on, even you have to attempt he’s a bit too much sometimes.

Zara: Heh… sometimes, yeah.

Emma smiles slightly at Zara’s response.

Emma: Hey, by the way, if it’s alright to ask. What was that throwing you did back there? It was almost like you were making the bottle float or something. I didn’t know you could do something like that.

Zara: It was uh...

Emma: Was it levitation or moving things with your mind? (gasp) Is it a form of telekinesis?!

Zara: What?

Emma: S-Sorry, I just got a little too excited. I guess what I’m trying to ask is… What exactly is your power? It’s kind of hard to describe.

Zara: It may be just as hard to explain. It’s not something simple.

She ponders for a brief moment, fiddling with her thumbs, before letting out a sigh.

Zara: In order to use my power, I can convert my life matter into… a force that I can use to move or even change things in reality. That might not make any sense but that’s essentially what it is.

Emma looks over with wide eyes and a slightly agape mouth.

Emma: Wow… that’s really interesting. Sorry, I was just thinking about comic books, really. I know it’s kind of silly but I was just trying to understand you a little better.

Zara: You actually read comic books? I didn’t take you for the type.

Emma: Well, not me- per say. It’s my brother. Was my brother, John. He used to read them a lot, sometimes even to me. He was more into all the science techniques so he probably would understand your power without much question. But he’s um… (looks off to the side) he’s not here anymore.

Zara: I’ve heard of him, your brother.

Emma: You have?

Zara: My father talked about him a few times. John Reed, he helped my father save someone. He didn’t understand his power either but my father still felt his heart despite the disbelief. He cared for people, just like you do.

Emma, smiles: Thank you, Zara.

She glances over at Tara.

Emma: I’m hoping to save someone myself.

Zara: Speaking of that, isn’t like- exciting?

Emma: Hm?

Zara: Talking to a complete stranger on the street and showing them our powers? It’s like a thrill, you know? Hey! Speaking of thrills, I’ve been really working on this trick and I’ve just dying to show someone how it works. You wanna check it out?

Emma: Whoa, what happened to you?

Zara: Oh! Um! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… y’know scare you or anything.

Emma: No, no, no. It’s fine! Really. I’d like you to be yourself around me.

Zara: A-Are you… Are you sure?

Emma: We’re a team, aren’t we?

Zara: Right. A team. (pause) Y’know, you can also be yourself around me too. I don’t mind.

Emma: Well… I don’t really know who I am anymore. Or really, what I am. After my first mutation, I never thought I’d be Human again. But then the Xyrions came and experimented on me. Even though I didn’t change, I felt different. Like I wasn’t a person anymore. Just some guinea pig. Not just aliens. But the MCA too. Just a test subject. And now I’m a Mutant again. It really does feel like I’ll never be Human all over again.

Zara: Maybe it’s time to just accept that part of yourself. We can’t change what we are in this life but we can change how we live it. Just because you’re a Mutant, doesn’t mean you lost your Humanity.

Zara gets up and walks over towards Tara. The view focuses on Emma, who looks down, with Zara’s words lingering with her. The scene then cuts over to a small area with televisions, computers and small pieces of furniture hooked up. Velocity can be seen looking around the place while Trackstar speeds from one spot to the other, checking and monitoring each position.

Velocity: Whoa.

Trackstar: Heh, yeah. Whoa indeed, my friend. Spent some time getting it set up. Well, not too much time. We are speedsters after all. I could unload everything in here and set it up again in just a few minutes. So I guess being a mover is definitely in mind if this vigilante job doesn’t work out. (chuckle) But yeah, kick back and relax. Mi casa, su casa, dude.

Velocity: It’s crazy but I have a hideout too.

Trackstar stops in his tracks and turns to Velocity, speeding over to him.

Trackstar: Shut the front door.

Velocity: Heh. N-No, really. I’m serious, man.

Trackstar: Dude! We are like… so in sync right now! I have a lair, you have a lair. You are like the man. The big man. I bet all those guys on that hero team you hang with are like your underlings.

Velocity: Heh, well, n-not exactly.

Trackstar: No way, come on. You run the show. Literally.

Velocity: No. Not really. I mean- I’m kinda just there. It’s all a team effort.

Trackstar: Huh. Well, that’s cool. I guess. Being on a team and everything.

He strokes his chin for a second then looks up, enlightened.

Trackstar: Hey! Brain just went into overdrive but- hear me out- what if I became a part of the team. Like a super new cool member, bro! I’d love helping out and stuff.

Velocity: Well, you help people- you have the powers. It’s definitely a possibility.

Trackstar: Dude, really? Aw man, that’s great to hear! I always wanted to work besides you, you’re such a cool guy!

Velocity: Aw shucks. Come on, my ego can only get this big.

He holds out his hands in front of him. Just then, an alert can be heard ringing throughout the room. They look around, with Trackstar rushes over to the computers set up.

Trackstar: Aw man!

Velocity, speeding over besides him: What is it? Another Mutant attack? I could call my team and-

Trackstar: Nah, bro! Just a news broadcast. I have the computer hooked up if something of interest runs on through.

Velocity: Oh. I guess you don’t have all of the systems… yet. Let’s check it out.

Trackstar turns on the television and a news reporter appears on the screen. He’s wearing a brown suit with a red tie. He has short, black hair, brown eyes and glasses.

News Reporter: While the vigilante group known as the Helpers has fought off new Mutant encounters in the city, one of their attempts at stopping some type of explosive-type Mutant has resulted in a fire spreading throughout a local office building. There’s no doubt that the Helpers will spring into action, but there’s still some cause for concern considering the remaining amount of people who have not been evacuated from the building.

Velocity’s eyes widen beneath his helmet. He quickly turns away, presses against his comms.

Velocity: Hey, guys? You mind watching yourselves. You sorta started a fire over there.

Defender, over the comms: Sorry! But we’ve kinda got our hands full here. Ember?

Ember, over the comms: I’m working on something! I can’t get there in time, you’re on your own.

Velocity: Don’t worry. We’ll be right over there.

He lowers his arm as Trackstar steps over to Velocity’s side.

Trackstar: Wait… “We”?

Velocity: Yeah, man. You and me.

Trackstar: Aw yeah! This is gonna be great. I can’t wait to play hero!

They both speed out of Trackstar’s Lair. The scene cuts to a view over the city, showing streaks of blue and yellow moving quickly past buildings and such. The scene cuts to the ground level, outside. With the streaks meeting up before a building and taking the form of Velocity and Trackstar, respectively. They look ahead, seeing the building fire spreading down from the site of the explosive Mutant battle. Velocity looks down from the battle and at some busted windows close to the ground floor.

Velocity: Alright, I see an opening. Third floor, fifth window from the right.

Trackstar: Gotcha! How do you wanna do this?

Velocity: I’ll take care of the fire- give you an opening. You rush in and move out any people you find.

Trackstar: Got it. Let’s dash!

They speed on over to the building, running up the side and making their way into the building through the window opening. The third floor is dark with smoke already coming down from the nearby stairwell. The colored blurs continue past the stairwell, moving up to higher floors- until they reach the sixth floor. Velocity kicks the door in and sees a rising sea of flames before them. There are some officer workers trapped by the flames in little pockets of space. Velocity stamps out the fire with his feet at rapid speed as Trackstar races over collecting a couple of workers.

Trackstar: Don’t worry, I’ve gotcha. Trackstar’s gonna keep you all safe and sound.

Velocity: I see more people over there, Trackstar.

Trackstar: On it.

Trackstar rushes over to the flames which become extinguished as soon as a gust of wind blows from Velocity’s immenses speed before braking before the flames. Now that the opening is clear, Trackstar races in. More fire starts to spread down as little bits of debris crashes down below. Velocity stamps on the new fires but they start to increase in size. Not long after, Trackstar emerges with two more people.

Velocity: Is that everyone?

Trackstar: Yeah. I ran around and I only found them. We’re all good, my brother.

Velocity smiles.

Velocity: Alright, I’m gonna cover you while you get these people out.

Trackstar: Thanks for the lookout, dude. Alright, people- Hang on tight.

He circles around them and picks them up before racing out of the building with the officer workers. Velocity remains in the burning building, patting out some more fires. A faint shout is then heard.

Velocity: Hm?

He walks into the clearing that Trackstar emerged from and looks around. There’s a long hallway to his right and an office to his left. The yell, becoming clearer, comes from down the hall. Velocity’s expression shrinks from curiosity to horror. He then runs down the hall and enters a lounge of some type with some larger debris having already fallen down, nearly caving in the room.

Velocity: H-Hello? Hello?! I’m a Helper, I’m here!

Man: Down here. (coughs)

Velocity looks down and sees a man with debris on top of him.

Velocity: Are you injured?

Man: No, just- my legs are pinned. I can’t move.

Velocity: Don’t worry, sir. I’ll get you out of there.

Velocity rushes over to the debris and starts lifting from the bottom, raising the wooden panels up. The man rolls out from beneath the debris and moves into the clearing. Velocity then drops the debris and turns the man, attempting to get up. He assists him and helps him get to his feet.

Man: I can’t believe it. I thought I was going to die here.

Velocity: No one is dying today, sir. I can race out of here in no-

More debris starts collapsing with the fire spreading even more.

Velocity: -time. Ngh! This fire…

Man: It’s- It’s blocking the way out! We’re- (cough) We’re trapped in here!

Velocity: (cough) Don’t panic. I have an idea. Just hold on, please.

Man: A-Alright.

The man holds on tightly. Velocity circles round and round, soon creating a vortex of wind in the same spot he’s moving. The vortex expands in size, gaining more strength with wind. The wind starts to blow out some of the fire in the hallway. He then stops circling around and races out through the hall.

Velocity: Nearly the-

The floor then collapses beneath their feet and they fall through, crashing down onto the floor below. Velocity then looks up, surprised, and moves quickly out of the way with the office worker as flaming pieces of debris crash down where they once landed. He then picks up the pace, leaving through the floor. The fire seems to have spread down to this floor as well but there’s still room for Velocity to run through. However, that space is closing up quickly.

Man, hanging onto him: There’s not enough room. There’s fire everywhere!

Velocity: Just hang on!

He turns from the stairwell which is now blocked off with fire to the window. He lowers his head and crashes head first into the window. They both fall out from the window from the fifth floor of the building. He then grunts as he shakes the glass fragments from his helmet. He then throws out his arm, placing it against the side of the building to slow the momentum of his fall. It’s painful but he bears through the pain in order to swing his lower half towards the building. Once his feet touch the building’s wall, he starts to run alongside it until they both reach the street. He then kneels down, catching his breath. The man gets off of Velocity’s back and leans against the side of a lamp post, coughing. Velocity turns to the man.

Velocity: Are you alright, sir?

Man: I’m fine. Now. Thank you, Helper. I- I would’ve died without you.

Velocity: That shouldn’t have happened. My friend. He was in there looking for survivors. I’m sorry that he missed you.

Man: No. He didn’t. I saw that man. That man in the yellow suit. And he saw me. But then he left. As if I was beyond saving. That… that’s when I thought my life was over.

Velocity: ...What?

Velocity turns to the end of the street and sees Trackstar chatting with the people he had rescued but mostly to reporters and other people in the area. Velocity’s face twists into an expression of anger. The scene cuts over to Trackstar, chatting it up.

Trackstar: And that’s when I realized that there’s nothing you can’t do without a little bit of speed. Stopping a fire is no different from stopping some Mutant bad guy. Just look up to your main man, Trackstar, to get things done.

Velocity walks over to an ambulance with the man, carrying him over his arm. The paramedics run over to intercept him and take the man off of his hands.

Paramedic: Are you alright, Velocity? Do you need-

Velocity: Just worry about him. I’ll be fine.

The paramedic nods and rushes with the man, carefully moving him back to the truck. He then turns his attention to Trackstar who was watching him.

Trackstar: Hey, hey, hey. What took you so long? I was just about ready to introduce you as my partner, my speedster friend!

Velocity: I am not your friend.

Trackstar: Whoa, h-hey. What’s with the hostility? I thought we were cool.

Velocity: Cool?! Do you know what I was doing just now? Do you know what took me so long to get here? I was saving someone. Someone that you didn’t help.

Trackstar: Look, I overlooked it. Besides, it was one guy- I knew you could handle it.

Velocity: This isn’t about numbers. Someone’s life was at stake here. You had the power to save him. You had the time. But you chose not to. If I didn’t stay behind, that man would be dead right now. And… And you just want to chat with reporters about how cool you are? Doesn’t that bother you?

Trackstar: Look, I was just giving the people what they want.

Velocity: The people don’t want a guy that just ignores their responsibilities! They want… they need someone that goes in there and helps where it matters!

Trackstar: You can help out as many people as you want but just save that fame and fortune for me, alright? That’s what really matters.

Velocity: (scoff) You’re not a hero! You said you didn’t want to be like people abusing their powers but you’re just as bad as the rest of ‘em!

Trackstar: I’m not! I AM a hero.

Velocity: You’re a fraud. Now, you might be a villain but you better stop pretending to be a hero.

Trackstar: Pretending?! Alright… Then, how about we settle this? Me and you. One-on-One.

Velocity: I am not fighting you, Trackstar.

Trackstar: Then I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. You can’t stop me, Velocity. You can’t do any-

Velocity then rushes over, grabbing him from the chest and speeds him out of the area. They then appear down a different street entirely, an empty one at that where he pushes Trackstar away and readies himself.

Velocity: Don’t test me.

Trackstar: Oh ho ho. I’ve been waiting for this. (rubs his hands together) You have no idea how long I've been waiting to use these powers on an actual person. Y’know, It’s always been “oh help me, save me!” and “help me cross the street!” or something like that. But now? Now I get an actual Mutant to fight against!

Velocity: I’m not just a Mutant. I’m a vigilante.

Trackstar: Well, I’m a gosh darn superhero! Now come at me, bro!

The two then clash at full speed, engaging blows with their fists. Velocity tries to land a hit on Trackstar but he winds up getting kicked away. Velocity grunts furiously and races ahead. Trackstar laughs and runs off, with the two chasing after one another throughout the area. Velocity then reaches out, attempting to grab Trackstar at high speeds when Trackstar starts to reverberate before him. Velocity grabs Trackstar but he vanishes before him. And in his place, a ledge is seen with Velocity running right off the side- falling into a pit made by a construction company. Off to the side, Trackstar speeds over- with his body out of phase; soon regaining its form again.

Trackstar: Better luck next time, loser. You’re too slow for Trackstar. Heh!

Trackstar then runs off with the view focused on the pit for a moment longer. A hand then raises from the pit and Velocity lifts himself up before crawling out onto the street. He catches his breath and lays there, closing his eyes in defeat. The scene now cuts over to a warehouse compound in a more isolated part of the city. The warehouse, itself, is quite large in size with hangar doors and narrow windows close to rooftops. Surrounding the area are groupings of crates and other shipments, some moving equipment and plenty of armed guards in private security uniforms. However, their uniforms also contain padded armor with advanced weaponry.

Altiare Dynamics Warehouse
April 19, 13:12 Timezone

Off to the side, the Vigilante, Elias and Julian watch as Probst’s car parks before the warehouse. He exits the vehicle with his briefcase and talks with an employee working there as they both enter the facility.

Vigilante: Looks like something’s going down.

Elias: We have to get in there.

Vigilante: Alright, follow what I do and stay close.

The vigilante moves up ahead, with the others following closely behind. The armed guards are then seen patrolling the area. Two of them are walking parallel to one another, with some distance between them. One of the guards, closest to the view, walks past a grouping of crates. Once he walks past, the guard parallel to him is no longer there. He stops and turns, looking over at where the guard should have been. He slowly reaches for his radio but an arm comes out from behind the crates, grabbing him and choke-holding him. The arm then pulls the armed guard back into the crates, slamming him against it. He then drops down to the ground, with a faint groan leaving his body. The Vigilante then steps out from behind the crates and looks around the area. He then runs up ahead, keeping his head down and sticking to the shadows. He then arrives by the side of the warehouse with Elias and Julian coming in shortly after.

Vigilante: I thought I said stay close.

Elias: Sorry but we’re not all street ninjas. Now how do we get in?

Julian: You’d probably need an access card. I’d use mine but they would know I was here. Besides, it’s most likely wiped from their system on account of me being wanted now.

Elias: Wait, can’t you interact with machines? Just hack the door and let us in.

Julian: Oh r-right. I’ll give it a shot.

Julian places his hands against the door and closes his eyes. His hands then glow green as his power starts to make contact with the door, itself.

Vigilante: You know, I can hack also if it’s too much for you.

Soon enough, the access panel sparks up with the screen glitching out. The door then unlocks and opens right before them.

Julian: I got it. Something tells me you never hacked like this before.

Vigilante: No, I haven’t.

Elias: Come on. Let’s hurry before more guards get over here.

The three of them then enter the facility. Julian uses his power once more.

Elias: Hm? What’s going on?

Julian: I’m sensing cameras in the area. I’m disabling them so we don’t alert anyone of our presence.

Elias: You know for an innocent man, you sure got the skills of a thief.

Julian: Don’t get me wrong, please. I know the layout because I worked for them. Plus, figuring things out is something of a key trait of mine. It’s like problem-solving to the max.

Elias: Huh. Usually whenever I have a problem, I just hit it until it goes away.

Julian: Sounds… interesting.

The three continue down a hall.

Elias: So how exactly do we find what we’re looking for?

Vigilante: Anything that might have evidence showing the wrong things that Probst has been doing here.

Julian: Hang on, I’m getting something from… over there.

He stops and points his arm towards one office in particular. The scene cuts to the inside of the room, with the door opening and the three of them stepping inside one after the other. Inside, there’s a desk with a computer on it.

Julian: This must be Probsts’ office. I was sensing some strong amount of machinery coming from this room.

The Vigilante squats down by the desk and sees an advanced set up with several wiring and components hooked up to the desk, itself, as if powering up the computer.

Vigilante, rising up to his feet: Something about this computer that he doesn’t want someone to find out.

Julian: Time for me to use my power again.

Vigilante: No need. I have this one.

The Vigilante places his hand on the screen and starts to hack into it. Soon, the computer screen alits with a white light before the blue background comes up. The Vigilantes hacks further, opening up files on the computer with a single touch of the screen. The files soon open up on their own, showing transactions and other documents in a presentation of sorts.

Elias: What’s all this?

Julian: Receipts. Large amounts of money were moved from Altiare Dynamics to other companies. Companies that Altiare owns… more importantly, Andrew Probst.

Vigilante: But Andrew Probst only has Altiare.

Julian: Yeah. He does. Which means, these companies… they’re-

Elias: Shell companies, right? I heard about that on TV once. So he’s moving the company’s green over to his own accounts.

Julian: That’s not all. He’s also been paying people off, according to these. And gaining money too by exchanging these.

He touches the screen and pulls up blueprints for new machinery; weapons.

Elias: Guns. Lots of guns.

Vigilante: This is what Altiare is making?

Julian: No. They’re not a weapons company. Probst must be developing these on his own and selling them off to make an extra profit. As if stealing from the company wasn’t enough now he’s trading weapons of mass destruction to criminal organizations!

Vigilante: That explains the guards outside. They’re carrying advanced weapons too. He’s not holding anything back here.

Elias: So we have the evidence. We can strike now, right?

Vigilante: Yeah. This is more than enough to put him behind-

Julian: Wait, there’s something else. One last file.

Julian opens the file by touching the screen once more. This time, however, it’s an audio recording.

Man, over the recording: This is Andrew Probst. Business is booming, as per usual. But I did discover something quite interesting today. A young intern employed at Altaire Dynamics had admitted to being a Mutant. The naive fool. Using the security camera footage, I even saw how these powers of his work. Imagine that. A mutant with the power to manipulate technology. He would become a powerful asset to the weapon exchange. Although he has denied my request. He will soon learn the power of evidence used against him when I out him out to the-

The recording goes silent for a moment.

Andrew Probst, over the recording: Alita. What are you doing here?

Julian: A-Alita?

Alita, over the recording: I know what you’re planning, Mr. Probst. I knew for a while now but- I didn’t really know what to do after all. You are my employer.

Andrew Probst, over the recording: What are you talking abou-?

Alita, over the recording: I’m talking about the weapons, Andrew!

Andrew Probst, over the recording: I see. So what are you going to do know that you know? Or rather, why didn’t you say something earlier?

Alita, over the recording: I told you, I didn’t know what to do. But- Julian. You’re planning on using him, aren’t you?

Andrew Probst, over the recording: So what if I am? I have that right. He is my employee.

Alita, over the recording: This is going too far. You can’t involve him. If anything, involve me. Just- just leave him out of this.

Andrew Probst, over the recording: ...Do you care for this man? Alita... This Mutant?

Alita, over the recording: ...I do. I care about him enough to stop what you’re doing.

Andrew Probst, over the recording: Oh, my dear Alita. You should know- that people who get in the way, don’t last very long in this world.

Alita, over the recording: Stop! What are you- No. No, wait, please no! NO!

Her screams are stopped short by the sound of something heavy slamming down against the floor. The recording is silent for a moment. Elias looks from the recording to the Vigilante, who returns the glare. They both then look over at Julian, who is trembling before the screen. Heavy breathing then brings sound back to the recording for a moment longer before words are heard again.

Andrew Probst, over the recording: I didn’t have to be this way, Alita. But now that boy you love so much can suffer all because of your ignorance. And your death… will be on his hands instead of mine. But anyway… now he’ll have no choice but to listen to me. So yeah. Business is booming.

The recording then stops. Julian’s hand curls into a fist, with the trembling coming to a shaky halt.

Vigilante: Julian…

Julian: He killed her. Probst killed her… And for what? For money? She died all because of something so stupid as money?! That selfish… cold-hearted man- no… that monster! When I find him, I am going to give him a piece of my mind.

Vigilante: We will bring him to justice. And he will answer for his crimes. All of them.

Julian, looking dead ahead: Yeah… Justice.

The scene cuts ahead to them running down the hall.

Elias: Alright, we have the evidence. Now we can take him down.

Vigilante: Yeah, this should be enough to-

Guard, entering the hall, aiming his weapon: Hey! Stop right there!

Elias: More guards.

Vigilante: We have the evidence. He has nowhere left to run. It’s time we take them out. All of them.

Elias, cracking knuckles: Oh, I’ve been waiting for this.

Elias rushes ahead with the guards firing their weapons. He dodges and uppercuts one of the guards knocking him back. The other guard fires at him. Elias takes the shot and is blasted through one of the walls. The guard walks ahead, aiming his gun in the hole in the wall. But through the smoke, a glowing fist emerges- striking the guard with a force that throws him into the adjacent wall. Elias then steps out, his arm slightly smoking. The Vigilante runs past him with Julian, not far behind.

Vigilante: Come on.

Elias: (groan) You’re welcome.

Elias follows after them. Elsewhere, in the facility, Andrew Probst can be seen examining a highly advanced-looking weapon secured within the briefcase.

Andrew Probst: Now that the proper modifications have been made, this weapon should be enough to get buyers interested. And once everyone gets a whiff of this, they’ll be lining up for shop every day of the week.

An explosion shakes the building slightly, drawing in Probst’s attention.

Andrew Probst: What was that?!

An armed guard rushes over.

Armed Guard: Sir, we have trouble. It’s the Helpers and they’re with that Mutant you were talking about.

Andrew Probst: He’s- here? Marshall-Grey is here.

Armed Guard: Yes, sir. The helicopter should be arriving in just a moment. We can get you out of here and over to the buyer.

Andrew Probst: No. Delay the copter.

Armed Guard: But sir, they-

Andrew Probst: What are you, deaf?! Delay it! I’m not going anywhere until this guy knows who’s in charge. And if he doesn’t, heh- he’ll just see what I have planned for him.

Probst glares down at the case with a smirk on his face. The scene then cuts over to the open lot with the girls finalizing their techniques. Tara appears out of breath, bent over and holding her knees.

Emma: Alright, we should probably take a break. How are you feeling?

Tara: (huff) I’m… I’m fine.

Emma: Are you sure? It’s not your power, is it?

Zara: It’s only a matter of control.

Tara, interjecting: Yeah, control. I’ve got it. I’m just tired, that’s all…

Emma: Well, that’s what breaks are for. Don’t worry we’ll help you in every way we can.

Tara, under her breath: Yeah… Help me…

Voice: Yo! What are you doing here?

The girls look over and see a group of thuggish individuals approaching.

Thug: This here is our turf.

Tara: I… I was here first.

Other Thug: What’s that? We can’t hear defenseless little girls who don’t know better.

Emma: Alright, you said what you had to say. We’re just minding our own business. We don’t want any trouble.

Thug: Oh? Well, we do! You can either step off or we can take this place for ourselves!

Zara readies herself but Tara steps ahead.

Zara: Tara?

Tara: I have nowhere else to go. If I have to stand up for myself then I will.

Emma: Wait, maybe we should settle this. You’re still getting used to your-

Before she can finish, Tara rushes ahead and places her hands on the ground before her. She then throws out a beam of darkness from her own shadow which moves from ahead at quick speeds. The thugs back up, startled. However, they are struck one-by-one by the elongated shadow as it strikes from point to point with almost exact precision. It then rises from the ground and wraps around the one thug who started talking. Both Zara and Emma are surprised, although Zara now appears to be more cautious then off guard.

Thug: A-Alright! You can keep the turf. J-Just lemme go already!

Tara: N-No.

Emma: Tara, what-

Tara: NO! You’ll just keep going around. You never learn. There’s always bad people out there, trying to hurt me. Trying to hurt other people. Why won’t you just learn?!

She clenches her fists and closes her eyes, as if struggling with pain. Zara notices this and looks ahead as the shadow’s grip on the thug tightens.

Emma: Tara. Tara, you’re crushing him!

Tara: I- I can’t!

Emma: Zara!

Zara extends her hand towards the shadow and closes her eyes.

Zara, opening her eyes: Apendaja Rigoria!

The shadow then glows briefly and its movements become suddenly restricted. Tara wails and drops to the ground, using her hands to keep herself up. While this occurs, the thug manages to squirm free, dropping to the ground and quickly getting up and running away- terrified. Tara tries to stand and go after him, but she nearly falls over again. Emma catches her this time.

Emma: You’re alright. I have you. But you nearly lost it back there. Just because your power got stronger doesn’t mean your control-

Tara: Stop!

Tara pushes Emma off of her and stands on her own two feet.

Tara: Enough with this control. It’s always about control but he was going to hurt you. Hurt us. Hurt me! E-Especially me. If having control means I can’t hurt them then why should I even bother?!

Emma: Because we’re better than that. We don’t hurt people because they hurt us. We have to do what’s right as vigilantes.

Tara: But I’m not a vigilante! I’m not like you two! I never wanted this life. I never wanted these powers! I just want to make sure people don’t get hurt anymore. But that just doesn’t seem possible. If they can’t learn without being hurt then I have to hurt people before they can hurt me. It’s simple.

Emma: You can’t think like that, Tara. You have to control how you feel.

Zara: Control your power.

Tara: Stop it, stop it, stop it! I’m tired of being in control! ARGH!

She holds her head and her shadows start to expand beneath her as she begins to levitate in the air. The sky above also begins to darken around her. With little choice, Emma and Zara step back from Tara, looking ahead with widened eyes.

Emma: What did we do?

The scene then cuts over to a classic manor somewhere in the city, a little later into the day.

Richards’ Residence
April 19, 13:30 EDT

Inside, the interior has wooden floors and walls with rugs and other types of antique decor and furniture. There are also quite a few clocks on the wall- all with a different, unique design. On the couch, Danny can be seen- with his arm bandaged- drinking some tea, much to his disinterest.

Prof. Richards, calling out from the other room: Daniel, I’m so glad you were able to stop by. I’ve actually been having some trouble solving this certain type of equation.

He enters the room, carrying a tray with another tea cup, a small bowl of sugar and some tea crackers beside them.

Prof. Richards: I need your young mind to run its course. Besides, with your enhanced speed and senses, you can calculate just about anything faster than I ever could.

He sits besides Danny, while Danny- himself- looks down at the floor.

Danny: Thank you, Professor. But you’re too modest.

Prof. Richards: I’m only stating facts, my boy. Please, don’t undermine yourself. You possess great skill and talent, young man. You’re quite capable, in fact. Why, I’m sure if you didn’t drop out of school, you might have been a great scientist.

Danny: I’m just a mechanic, Professor. I guess that’s all I ever really am.

The professor looks straight at Danny.

Prof. Richards: Alright, what’s wrong?

Danny: I-It’s nothing, really!

Prof. Richards: Oh come now. I’ve been at this for quite a while now. For quite longer than you have. I can tell when something is bothering someone. Besides, I can see your future.

Danny: (sigh) There’s this new guy. A speedster, just like me. I think he’s trying to replace me.

Prof. Richards: And?

Danny: ...I think he is. I mean he’s stronger than me, he’s almost faster than me… he’s just- better than me. He’s been outthinking me at just about every corner. I nearly died today because he was just that more clever! Just that close to losing my life to him… How can I face him again? How can I call myself a vigilante… Velocity?

Prof. Richards: My dear Daniel. You have fought off an alien invasion in a foreign city. This should be nothing. So what if he is trying to replace you? You don’t let him do so. After all, there is only one Daniel Campbell on the planet that matters. And that, my young friend, is you. I know you’ll figure something out.

Danny: Is that what the future is telling you?

Prof. Richards: (sigh) I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t been using my Mutant power lately. I suppose I’ve been hesitant after what happened last time… I saw an entire city burning down. And I didn’t do a single thing to save it or any of the people living here. Unlike myself, you have the chance to change things, Daniel. Let me ask you something: Do you wish to help people?

Danny: ...Of course, I do. But, this guy-!

Prof. Richards: -is nothing but an obstacle for you to run around. He may be fast, he may be strong and he may be clever but he is not nearly as smart as you. Outwit this man, then you will succeed. I know it.

He pats Danny’s shoulder, using it as support to getting up from the couch as well. He then walks back into the kitchen, leaving Danny sitting on the couch- thinking over the Professor’s words.

Danny: Outwit him? ...Hm. That- That almost sounds like what he said to me.

He shifts his sitting position on the couch and leans forward more.

Danny: He never really had the chance to fight someone before. He was working on some tricks involving his speed. That has to be it then! He used all of his special moves on me and got the upper hand.

Danny then gets up and heads for the kitchen.

Danny: I think I worked it out, Professor. Somehow, he was able to harness his speed in order to create another version of himself. He wasn’t too fast for me, he wasn’t there to begin with. I was chasing a shadow. Another him. Any ideas what that could possibly be, Professor?

Prof. Richards: That sounds exactly like a mirage. A type of optical illusion caused by certain atmospheric conditions. This could include refraction of light or constant shifting in the air. But, in order to generate one of those, it would take incredible friction to produce the necessary heat required to bend light to form an image. Friction like that would also require immense speeds!

Danny: Well, he is a speedster. But wait, I’m fast too so how come I can’t do that kind of stuff?

Prof. Richards: You can vibrate your molecules, can’t you? I think with enough practice, you should be able to perform those types of maneuvers on your own, especially at this rate.

Danny then rubs his chin, thinking, as he walks around the Professor’s kitchen.

Prof. Richards: So? Now what?

Danny: I think… I know how to beat him.

He stops, with a smile appearing on his face.

Danny: It’s time to come up with some tricks of my own.

Prof. Richards: You’re forgetting one factor in your plan. His ability is enhanced speed. He can be practically anywhere in the city- possibly even outside of it at this rate. How can you hope to catch him?

Danny: You’re right about that… Being a speedster too, he can move things quickly so his hideout would probably just be a dead end anyways. He’s still in the city though- his ego is too big to leave a place that worships him as a great vigilante behind. If I can’t get to him then I’ll have to get him to come to me.

Prof. Richards: What a brilliant idea. But how would you proceed to lure him out into the open?

He then turns over to the Professor with a smirk on his face.

Danny: Heh, I have an idea.

The scene cuts over to an abandoned-looking warehouse where Trackstar is using his speed to move furniture that belonged in his previous hideout. He then rushes over to the desk and places a hawaiian bobblehead neatly on the surface. He adjusts it slightly to the right and views it by making a frame with his fingers.

Trackstar: Aaand… Perfection! Hideout 2.0 is a-ready to go. (chuckle) Oh! And maybe I can put my poster over there… (points to a wall while stroking his chin)

TV: Yes, we have a sudden news report here in the city. It looks like one of our reporters was able to catch the speedster a part of the vigilante group, the Helpers.

Trackstar lowers his arms and turns to the TV. On screen, Velocity appears with a news reporter wearing a white shirt and purple skirt whilst holding a microphone up to Velocity. She has auburn hair and soft green eyes.

Velocity: Hey! It’s me, Velocity. I just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow speedster, Trackstar. The next up-and-coming vigilante, right? Well, turns out, the guy’s a big fraud! You can trust me on that one, everybody. But! If he does want to defend his name and just try to prove me wrong… he can meet me at Battery Park, for a race. A race to determine who the real speedster vigilante is. If I win, he’ll have to confess his crimes to the public and turn himself in. But… if I lose, he can have my spot on the Helpers. Choice is yours, Trackstar. I’ll be waiting.

The TV then cuts off and, in the reflection of the screen, is Trackstar pointing the remote with a sinister grin sketched on his face. The scene cuts once more to a large park by the waterfront, a little later. A yellow blur then appears racing down into the park.

The Battery
April 19, 13:58 EDT

The blur takes the form of Trackstar who stands in the park, looking around.

Velocity: Lookin’ for me?

Trackstar turns around and sees Velocity standing there, leaning against a tree. Trackstar stands up straight, glaring over at Velocity before chuckling and holding his head back.

Trackstar: So… a race, huh? Dude, are you serious right now?

Velocity: Yep.

Trackstar stops laughing and looks over at Velocity. He smiles with a grunt and straightens himself up.

Trackstar: I take it the terms are still the same. From what I heard on the news, the terms being…

Velocity: If I win, you stop pretending to be a hero and turn yourself in to the authorities.

Trackstar, chuckling: And if I win…and you lose, you give up your spot on the team to me. I get to be the hero. I get your fame and fortune. And you? What do you become? ...Nothing. That’s if you lose. WHEN you lose. (chuckle) I don’t think you remember but I beat you. I don’t think you have the right to be calling the shots.

Velocity: ...Well, I set the race so it’s on my terms.

Trackstar: Heh. That won’t save you.

Trackstar sternly smiles at him while walking past him.

Velocity, slightly smiling: We’ll see about that.

Velocity turns in the same direction, walking the same way. The scene then cuts to a short moment later with them in their starting positions by the metal fence. They lift their heads together, looking ahead at the cityscape before them.

Velocity: First one to Central Park is the true speedster.

Trackstar: May the best man win.

They extend their legs before pushing forward and bolting speeds. From overhead, both blur and yellow blurs are parallel to one another as they dash throughout the city- turning at every odd corner and rushing down long streets. Trackstar starts moving ahead of Velocity and smirks. He then starts to vibrate his body, creating an after image of himself running before running ahead. The afterimage then starts to run off to the side in which the blue blur follows behind him. Soon both the blur and the after image collide into a construction site.

Trackstar: Ha! Same trick twice, classic!

Velocity, running up alongside him: Think again!

Trackstar: Huh?! But how-?!

Velocity: You’re not the only one who can create speed mirages! How about you win this race fair and square?

Trackstar: I will win this race! Just you watch!

Trackstar races ahead, attempting to create multiple after images of himself through the use of his speed mirages.

Trackstar: Come on, step it up!

Velocity adjusts his goggles which appears to activate a screen in the lenses. Through his view, he can a blue-colored screen analyzing the after images before him and detecting, through the use of heat signatures, which is the real Trackstar. He then smirks and races through them, slicing them with his moving arms. Trackstar glances back, upset, and looks ahead with frantic eyes as he runs. His glance then catches onto a cement mixer. He then pushes ahead and performs a mid-air kick on the nozzle, before sticking the landing and taking off again. Velocity nearly catches up to Trackstar but his foot gets stuck into the cement now pouring out into the street. He then looks back and vibrates his leg incredibly quickly to shake off the cement from his foot. He then returns to the race, giving it more speed. He gets closer and closer to Trackstar, who continues ahead. Trackstar glances back and sees Velocity, gaining on him. Trackstar then looks down to the side and clenches his fist. He then turns his wrist, activating a mechanism in which three spikes spring out the arm of his suit. He then glares back at Velocity, now approaching his side.

Trackstar: Grgh! Nobody beats me, Speedster! Nobody!

Velocity: You reap what you sow. That’s what you get.

Trackstar: And this is what you get. You get what you deserve!

He then steps over and swings his arm out. Velocity takes a glance in Trackstar’s direction and sees the spikes coming right for his neck. His body tenses quickly and the blades come closer at a slower speed. Everything around Velocity begins to blur as he takes a full step back. He then moves sluggishly around the blades as he looks at Trackstar- before him- who appears as if he’s suspended in time. Velocity then looks back ahead as everything starts to un-blur and return to a regular speed. Velocity becomes a blue blur speeding ahead while Trackstar, quickly, and unsuccessfully swings out, attacking. He trips over his own motion and crashes onto the street. He attempts to get up and looks ahead at Central Park, not too far away- only to see Velocity standing there, catching his breath.

Trackstar: N-No! That’s impossible! You… You cheated!

Trackstar gets up and races over to Velocity, who side steps to avoid his strike and uppercuts him across the head. Trackstar falls down to the street, unconscious, while Velocity stands there, holding his arm.

Velocity: I won fair and square. And it’s Velocity now, you faker.

Velocity stands before the fallen Trackstar with his hands on his hips as the scene cuts over to another section of the city. Darkness looms over the streets as citizens run in terror from the ever growing shadows. Behind them, a dark vortex of energy spirals around Tara who hovers in the air with piercing purple eyes and dark hair. As Emma floats down the street, with her darkness abilities tearing through the area around her, Emma and Zara chase after from behind.

Emma, chasing: Tara! Stop, please! You’re putting people in danger!

Tara: I don’t care… this darkness needs to be free…

Emma, chasing: Tara! Please! Just… listen to us!

Emma stops and breathes in heavily as he just watches Tara continue on with her wreckage of the city streets. Zara places a hand on Emma’s shoulder, who then glances over to her.

Zara: You know what we have to do, Emma.

Emma: No. We can still reach her.

Zara: I don’t think we can. I know what it's like to be surrounded by people you don’t know. To be pushed into doing something you’re not comfortable doing. It can be stressful and terrifying. I thought we were helping her become her true self but I’m afraid that we may have pushed her too far. And that she resided within herself, closing herself off to us.

Emma: So… we caused this?

Zara: Emma?

Emma: I just wanted to help her. That’s what we’re supposed to be, aren’t we? Helpers? If I can’t save one girl then what type of person can I even call myself?!

Zara: ...Hey. We did help her. You helped her. But maybe she didn’t need it in the first place. But right now, those people in danger need our help. Even if we make a mistake, we can’t just stand around blaming ourselves. We have to push forward and hope for the best!

Emma: Zara…

Zara: I hope you can do this with me, Emma. I-

Zara stops and looks down. Her hands slightly shaking. Emma takes her hand and holds it. Zara looks down then over to Emma.

Emma: I will. I have to. (turning to Tara) If I can’t face Tara then it’s like I’m letting her darkness win. Even though we pushed to this state, that doesn’t mean we can’t help where we can!

Zara: Does that mean-

Emma: ...I didn’t want to accept that part of myself. That monster... But I need to save Tara from herself. I need to fix what I started. I need to believe in myself. I think that’s what it really means to be a Helper. Pushing ahead, no matter what, to help those in need.

Zara looks at her, slightly surprised, but nods soon after. She then turns to Tara and closes her eyes, concentrating. She then places her hands together and releases a more steady beam of energy. While it does still crackle through the air, it hits the mark- striking against the back of Tara. She then turns around and faces the two, the darkness around her creating a distorted growl.

Zara: Looks like I got her attention.

Emma closes her own eyes and places her hand against her chest.

Emma: I need you. I… I accept you!

Emma is silent for a moment as Tara continues her approach towards them. But, with sudden force, she clutches her chest and falls over- soon grabbing her head.

Emma: Argh! Come on… Get out here, monster!

Emma starts growing in size with her clothes starting to shred apart. She then fails back and throws out her arms, revealing her Mutant form.

Mutant Emma: RAARGH!

Emma, in her Mutant form, dashes ahead- soon running forward on all fours. She then pounces off from the ground and clings to the side of a nearby building. Tara turns; her attention following after the quick-paced Mutant. Emma then leaps off from the side of the building and shoots right for Tara- knocking her out of the air. Tara regains her balance, using her shadows to keep herself steady. Her eyes then glow with ferocity and she throws out her arms- with the shadows stretching out and slashing at Emma. She gets knocked back and Zara rushes over to her side.

Zara: I think I have something… but I need to get close to her. All the shadows will stop us. We need a plan.

Emma gets up, looks at Zara then turns back to Tara. She then lifts Zara up from the ground.

Zara: H-Hey! What are you-

Mutant Emma then carries her under her arm and runs forward- charging straight for Tara. Tara sends out more of her shadows- with race across the ground and rise up to reach for them. However, Emma is quick enough to dodge their attacks and pounces over some of the shadows reaching from beneath them. She then throws Zara at a safe distance, where she lands on her feet- just nearly falling over. The shadows surround Emma while Zara is reasonably close to Tara. Zara, noticing this, smirks and races over- clapping her hands together.

Zara: Candidus!

She then slides beneath Tara. She looks down at Zara with widened eyes but, before she can react, Zara throws her hands out so that her palms face Tara. An energy surge then appears from her hands- as if it were charging something up- before releasing a blinding white light. Tara then covers her eyes, letting out a scream. The shadows around her then starts to coil back to the center but also appear to be weakened by the light being cast to the center. The light goes for a moment before it starts to dim. When it does, Tara uncovers her eyes as a different shadow approaches her from above. She looks up and sees Emma- in her Mutant form- dropping from the building behind her and coming right down on her. Emma delivers a knockout punch that knocks Tara out of the sky as she crashes down to the street, weakened and unconscious. Emma then crashes down into the street and lets out a roar. Zara lays on the ground and sighs a breath of relief.

Zara: Yeah… you said it.

The scene then cuts once more to the warehouse. The sound of fighting can be heard as the scene pans over to the warehouse floor and shows the Vigilante and Elias doing battle with Probst’s workers. The Vigilante activates his Electro-Icer form and strikes at their bodies and legs with his frozen mace arm. One of them grabs his from behind but then throws his arm back, pushing the weapon onto their side and activating its electric-function, shocking him to the point where the worker releases him. Elias jumps from a conveyor belt and lands on top of another worker, striking him down repetitively. Another weapon strikes him against the back of the head with a metal pipe. Elias has his head lowered and a chuckle escapes from him. He then turns with a grim grin on his face.

Elias: Ow.

The worker drops the pipe and runs but Elias clenches his fist- with a glow burning through his skin- before striking the ground in the direction of the running worker. The force blows through the floor and knocks the worker into a pile of crates. Elias holds his fist and turns to the upper level- seeing Probst moving to the outside with his briefcase and some extra men.

Elias: Yo, target is moving out. Like outside.

The Vigilante drops one of the workers and looks over- seeing Probst leave. He then reforms his arm back to normal and swaps over to a different form, the Acidic Thorns. He throws out his arm and swings it over. The ax-head latches onto the railing of the upper level and secures itself around it.

Vigilante: Grab on!

Elias and Julian race over and grab onto the Vigilante’s suit as he reels them over to the upper level by the door. Elias climbs over the railing and helps Julian while the Vigilante flips his entire body over the railing and rushes outside onto the lower roof of the secondary section of the warehouse; which has a helipad installed on the top. Above, in the air, a helicopter is inbound and approaching the warehouse. The Vigilante rushes ahead but a blast of energy knocks him back into the wall. He groans and looks up ahead, seeing Andrew Probst brandishing a highly advanced gun with the briefcase open and empty by his feet.

Andrew Probst: So, if it ain’t the Vigilante, working with that scum ex-employee of mine.

Vigilante: Your crimes end here, Probst!

Andrew Probst: On the contrary! I think they’re just getting started. You see a lot of people are ready to buy this weapon. A lot of bad people but people, none-the-less. Except, now that I have to rush production thanks to you three, I might as well add a little worth to this gun of mine. If I can kill the Vigilante and his friends with a product created by the self-esteemed Andrew Probst then I can charge anything I want and they’ll have no choice but to pay it.

Elias: Dude, how low can you sink?

Andrew Probst: Not as low as you’re going to be when they bury you.

Julian: Just like you buried her! She trusted you. I trusted you! But you turned your backs on us for money! She’s dead because of you!

Andrew Probst: She had it coming. This is what matters. Not her and certainly not you!

Probst readies the weapon and aims it straight at Julian. He fires and Julian raises his arms to block it. Elias, on the other hand, dives in- taking the blast straight to the chest. It knocks him back into Julian and the two tumble across the floor.

Andrew Probst: Missed? Oh well, I still have plenty of ammo and a dead vigilante on my- Huh?

Elias gets up, smoke coming off from his chest and glares at Probst while bearing his teeth.

Andrew Probst: No… No, that’s impossible. You can’t take a blast to the chest like that! I’ve tested this!

Elias: Try it again and see what happens, you rotten adult!

Probst positions the gun once more and fires another beam at Elias. He stands his ground, with a green glow phasing throughout his body and a determined glare in his eyes. The beam hits his body and he pushes through it, walking ahead. The beam then dies down and the glow surging through Elias’ body glows brighter as he continues ahead. Probst starts getting nervous and switches the mode on the device. He then aims once more and fires- with the beams now moving faster and rapidly firing upon him. Julian takes cover and the Vigilante gets down. Elias takes the many blasts as he continues walking ahead. He now starts charging ahead and runs right for Probst.

Andrew Probst: Why won’t you just di-

Before he can finish, Elias strikes the gun straight into the barrel with his glowing arm and it breaks into large parts. The fist continues its motion through the gun and strikes Probst in the chest, knocking him down to the ground with sudden force. His arm then starts to sizzle with a slight smoke coming off from the skin as his scars start to seal up again. Elias catches his breath as he stands over the groaning Probst.

Andrew Probst: What power…

Elias: It’s over.

Julian, approaching: It’s not over yet.

Julian reaches out his hand, using his technology power. The parts from the shattered weapon then start to form back together and fly into the hand of Julian- now fashioned into a smaller version of the blaster Probst had used earlier. Julian points the blaster to Probst’s head and powers up the device.

Julian: He still has a lot to answer for!

Elias: Whoa, what are you-

Vigilante: Julian, stop! This isn’t the way we do things.

Julian: But maybe this is how it should be. This man has taken everything from me! My job, my life… the girl of my dreams. He killed her! And if I don’t stop him now then he’ll just spread his evil across the entire city.

Elias: I thought you wanted justice. If you kill him, if you take someone’s life, there’s no walking back from that.

Julian: My life is already over… at least, I can get something out of it. Even if it’s not justice.

Vigilante: When he goes to jail, everyone will know about what he’s done. The police won’t hunt you down anymore, you can go back to your job. Your life doesn’t end by walking away. It ends when you end his. You can still do the right thing. You can still get justice for her.

Julian’s lips quiver as his hand becomes unsteady holding the device. He slightly lowers it, looking down at the ground with hesitation.

Andrew Probst: Heh. Justice, huh? That’s cute.

Elias: You can shut it. Unless you actually want to get punched again.

Andrew Probst: Oh no. I surrender. You’re all clearly more powerful than me. You can send me to prison without any problem whatsoever. But you see. I have power… I have money… I have influences and connections. That’s all that matters: Influence, money and power. Oh, ho, ho. Especially- power. Heh, I’ll be out of that place sooner than you know it.

Vigilante: And then we’ll stop you.

Andrew Probst: With what evidence?! I’ll be cleared of all suspicions, remember? Besides, even if you somehow get your grips on me again, how long will be before you do. How many more lives will I ruin before you get back to me?

Julian looks ahead at Probst, his eyebrows scrunching down and his expression becoming more tense with every passing second.

Andrew Probst: Ha! You’ll never get your so-called justice. And you’ll never, ever get your girl ba-

Probst is then blasted before he can finish his sentence. He falls over with smoke coming off from his charred body. Elias turns to the body and stands aside, clearly in a state of disbelief. The Vigilante stands where he is, clenches his fists to point where they tremble and lowers his head slightly. Julian stands there, taking a single step back. He looks down at the blaster in his hand and then over at Probst’s body.

Elias: Holy… crap. Did- Did that just- happen?

Julian doesn’t speak but a breath escapes his mouth as he looks down at his hands.

Vigilante: You… were not supposed to do that. That is not what we do. We don’t… kill.

Julian: I… I’m not one of you. This is my life. These are my powers. As far as I can see, if it means getting what I want when I want it, I can do whatever I please.

Elias: Julian-

Julian: You were wrong. Both of you.

Julian turns to face them, with a smile on his face and a green glow in his eyes.

Julian: This is my justice. And my life is just getting started.

Vigilante: Your life as a criminal.

Elias: Come on, man, stop playing around. We can still fix this.

Julian: If doing the right thing and sending him to jail meant he was going to get out then what’s the point of pretending that’s what I want? I should be able to take what I want just like he did.

Elias: And exploit people? And ruin lives just like he did? And kill people who love just like he did?

Julian: If that’s what it takes.

Elias: Doesn’t that stuff matter to you? What about everything you went through?

Julian: That doesn’t matter anymore. I can’t go back to those things. Nothing is the same anymore! The only thing that matters is power. And that’s all I have. So I’m going to use it and get rid of anyone that stands in my way.

Vigilante: Then you really are no better than Probst.

Julian: Is that what you think, Vigilante?! Are you going to go against me like you did him?

Vigilante: If I have to.

Julian: Why can’t you just see where I’m coming from?! We were working together moments ago!

Elias: We’re not the ones who lost their minds. You’re just making up excuses just to use your power! You tell yourself it’s the right thing to do but you’re too far up your own backside to tell what’s right or wrong anymore. Trust me, I know what’s that like. But we gave you a chance. You’re not going to get another.

Elias readies his fists and rushes ahead, charging for Julian. Julian uses his power to levitate some solar panels and ride them to move out of the way. Elias then looks up and sees Julian take control of the incoming helicopter. The helicopter’s turret then turns to the roof and fires on Elias and the Vigilante. The Vigliante activates the Sonar Scales and releases a sonic frequency in front of him, causing the scales to form a protective barrier before him. Elias gets shot at twice before ducking down, avoiding the rest of the incoming fire.

Vigilante, turning to Elias: Are you alright?!

Elias, holding his side: Argh! Y-Yeah. Just in pain but I was able to resist it enough.

Vigilante: Stay back. I’ll move in and-

Elias: No! I can do this. Shooting at him just makes me all the more riled up!

Vigilante: Alright. Then I’ll give you an opening.

The Vigilante reforms his weapon and swaps over to his Fire Fists form. He charges up a fireball and releases it in the direction of Julian, who uses his technokinesis to move the helicopter in front of him to block the fireball. However, the helicopter explodes- knocking him out of the sky and onto the warehouse grounds. The Vigilante rushes to the edge, looking down at Julian, while Elias just jumps from the warehouse roof. Elias’ lower half glows green through the lines in his suit as well as his arm as he crashes down onto the ground, resisting the impact. He stands up, smoke coming off from his body slightly as the Vigilante grabs onto a pole on the side of the warehouse and uses the heavy force of his hands to bring it down. He then jumps from the pole once it reaches a reasonable height and rejoins with Elias.

Vigilante: That was dangerous.

Elias: Relax. I figured out I can harden my body with this power. I mean like make myself strong enough to resist stuff, not like- nevermind… Where’s Julian?

Julian: Right here.

Julian stands before them and activates his power. The crates around him shake for a moment before exploding. Machines from the crates then spring to life and soon surround Julian.

Elias: Right… technology warehouse and he controls technology. Makes sense.

Vigilante: I’ll deal with it. You take Julian.

Elias: On your own?

Vigilante: Once you stop him, the machines will stop. I trust you to do the right thing.

Elias looks at him for a moment but nods.

Elias: Alright. (turning to Julian) Let’s take this guy down.

Elias and the Vigilante stand together before rushing ahead.

Julian: You don’t know when to lie down and give up!

The Vigilante charges up a fireball in each hand and claps them together, sending out a wave of fire before him, melting the machinery that Julian throws his way. Elias then jumps him from the other side.

Elias: That’s because we don’t- we won’t give up!

Julian throws his hand up, and has a mechanical claw grab him from behind, holding him up into the air. The Vigilante then rushes him from behind and slams his fist against the ground, sending out a flaming wave towards Julian. Julian gets knocked back into the ground. As the claw clings to Elias tighter, his body glows brighter and brighter until he releases the built up power into a slam that shatters the claw holding him up. He then drops down onto the ground before Julian, who starts getting up.

Julian: Can’t you see I’m doing this for her?!

Vigilante, approaching Julian: If you were, you would have trusted us to do the right thing.

Elias, approaching Julian: But you killed him because that’s what you wanted. All you care about now is that power you have!

Vigilante, charging ahead: And that makes you dangerous.

Elias, charging ahead: Which is why we’ll stop you!

The Vigilante and Elias then rush up on him and strike him down. Julian then flies back into a large crate, slamming his back into it. He then falls back down to the ground and looks up at them weakly before passing out. The Vigilante and Elias then stand over Julian, looking down at him with stern expressions on their faces. The scene then fades to a later point in time, where police cruisers and other trucks are surrounding the warehouse. The Vigilante and Elias sit on a ledge by the shipping area while officers examine the area. They’re soon approached by Ryan Wilson.

Ryan Wilson: Well, if it isn’t the Vigilante. I take you’re connected to this Julian guy.

Vigilante: Was. It turns out we weren’t looking for the same thing after all.

Ryan Wilson: I won’t ask.

He then glances over at Elias.

Ryan Wilson: However, I just might ask about him. Who’s the kid?

Elias: I’m a Helper. Keep up, cop.

Vigilante: Calm down. He’s someone we can trust.

Elias: We’ll see about that…

Vigilante: I’m looking after him.

Ryan Wilson: Yeah, he’s a real charmer. I can see why it’s you doing the looking after.

Vigilante: Speaking about that. How come it’s the MCA looking after Julian when I called for you?

Ryan glances over and sees the MCA trucks parked behind him and MCA Officers analyzing the area and containing Julian with force.

Ryan Wilson: He’s a Mutant, after all. This might be a criminal affair but there’s little we can do with Mutants nowadays. I mean, didn’t you hear? The new director is hounding the commissioner to hand over any Mutants we have in custody. That includes those Mutants your super friends took down earlier like the darkness girl, Tara Veil, and speedy boy, Grant Veloz. It looks like they’re really stepping out their game with this new outbreak. Ack! That was probably insensitive. I meant- aw man, what are we even calling it again?

Vigilante: The Second Incident.

Ryan Wilson: R-Really?

Vigilante: ...We’re working on it.

Ryan Wilson: Yeah, well you guys in your tower might have to work a little faster. There are a lot of scared people down here in the city.

Vigilante: We’re working on that too.

Ryan looks over, seeing some officers talking among each other- glaring over at him.

Vigilante: How are you handling your situation?

Ryan Wilson: Hey, we talked about this. What am I doesn’t matter. As long as I wear this badge and as long as my girl is safe, I’m content. You just keep doing what you’re doing for this city. And I’ll do what I can from where I’m at. Anyway, I should go. If I keep talking to you, I might not even get to stay as a cop.

Vigilante: I understand.

Ryan Wilson: Yeah. I know. I’ll catch you around.

He leaves, giving one last glance over at Elias before turning back.

Vigilante: You’re acting different, Elias.

Elias: What?

Vigilante: You’re calm. Maybe too calm.

Elias: ...I’m just- I’m just thinking. About Julian.

Vigilante: About what he did.

Elias: Yeah…

They both sit there in silence for a moment longer.

Elias: I wanted to help him get his life back together. And we were close to doing it too! But he killed him. He actually did it. Some intern at a tech company killed his boss where a guy who grew up in a rough neighborhood couldn’t even do it. I gave him that chance so he wouldn’t turn out like me. He was supposed to be so much more than just another bad guy. I really thought he could be…

Vigilante: He didn’t have to but that’s the choice he made. That’s all we can do sometimes. Just give them a choice. There’s nothing else we could have done.

Elias: I want to believe that, Drake. But I was just like him at one point. I was the bad guy. But you gave me that chance. It’s the chance that I wanted to give him too. I think… without that, I might have actually been in the same spot as him.

Vigilante: You would have killed Reeves?

Elias: I don’t know. But you stopped me. You were there to help and we were here but we didn’t. It should’ve been the same! It should’ve been...

Elias rubs his face while the Vigilante turns to look over at Julian being taken away by the MCA Officers.

Vigilante: It’s not always going to be the same, Elias. But we did give him that chance. And we did try to help him. He made his choice… Sometimes, they choose to do the wrong thing. But sometimes, they choose to do something right.

He turns to Elias. Elias looks at him as well but glances away. The Vigilante looks at him a moment longer before turning away also.

Vigilante: We can’t save everyone, mainly those who don’t want to be saved. It’s just not possible. If it were, I would do it. Believe me. But that does not mean we stop trying. Even if we fail to help someone, we can still save someone else. We have a whole city to save. These Mutant problems are just going to get worse. People are going to feel that new power they have and do what they want. And then people are going to get hurt. Those people are going to need us. They’re going to need you. Just because we could not have Julian, does not mean we can’t save them too.

Elias: Yeah… Yeah! We can’t fail. Not again. That’s what I’m fighting for, after all. To protect people who can’t fight for themselves.

Vigilante: We will fight for that idea together, Elias.

Elias: I’m counting on it. But seriously, I need a code name. You can’t keep calling me Elias all the time.

Vigilante: (sigh) Fine. Uh- Fist Man, right?

Elias: No, no! That won’t work. It needs to mean something powerful so that the people know I’m strong enough to hold my own for them.

Vigilante: You were strong enough to resist the blasts from that weapon.

Elias: Yeah. That high caliber gun was nothing against me getting stronger with my power skills. Hey… now that I’m thinking about it. That just sounds… right. I think I’ll go with that.

Vigilante: Go with- what?

Elias clenches his fist with force.

Elias: Caliber.

A smile appears on his face as a faint glow travels throughout his arm.


The scene then continues in a dark room with a single light from above on. It shines down on a desk in the center of this dark room, with someone seated at the desk. On the desk, a laptop can be seen, showing news footage and surveillance footage of the Mutant attacks from earlier; with Ember talking down the lava-Mutant, Defender and Leviathan taking on the explosive-Mutant, Velocity racing against Trackstar, Zara battling against Tara and Elias fighting with Julian. A face can barely be seen reflected on the screen, as they watch the footage.

Voice: Sir, the troops are ready. Your plans have been thoroughly prepared.

From the shadows, Veronica steps out and into the light cast down.

Veronica: It’s only a matter of time until our dream is realized.

Anton Reeves: Excellent, Veronica. I, on the other hand, may have found some new variables to introduce to our operation.

Veronica: Them, sir?

Anton Reeves: Yes… they will most definitely help to push my plans even further; to spark the chaos that’ll fuel my plans for this city.

Veronica: Then the plan is set, sir.

Anton Reeves, turning to Veronica, with a smirk: Good. Now, let’s begin.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Elias, Emma and Zara all engage on their first mission as Helpers
  • Julian and Tara both become Mutant criminals
  • Danny discovers the ability to move so incredibly fast that he can stop time
  • Emma embraces her Mutant form
  • Elias comes up with his vigilante name, Caliber

Minor Events

  • Julian kills Andrew Probst
  • Emma and Zara bond as teammates
  • The MCA are advancing with their Mutant capturing operations



  • Julian Marshall-Grey (First Appearance)
  • Tara Veil (First Appearance)
  • Trackstar/Grant Veloz (First Appearance)
  • Andrew Probst (First Appearance) (Deceased)
  • Thugs
  • Robber
  • Explosion-Mutant (First Appearance)
  • Creature-Mutants (First Appearance)
  • Anton Reeves
    • Veronica Dorn

Forms Used

  • Neuro-Web
  • Electro-Icer
  • Acidic Thorns
  • Fire Fists


  • Marshall-Grey is a reference to actor, Logan Marshall-Green, from the 2018 movie, Upgrade.
  • Tara’s name is an allusion to voice actor, Tara Strong.
  • Grant’s name is a reference to actor, Grant Gustin, best known for his portrayal as The Flash.
  • One of the names Elias throws out to Drake is Power Hand but then starts to improve upon it by thinking of his new gloves but all he can utter before being interrupted by Drake is “Power G-”. What he was going to say was Power Glove, a reference to the accessory with the same name made by Nintendo in the 1980’s.
  • Andrew Probst’s name comes from Andrew Wilson and Larry Probst; the CEO and chairman of Electronic Arts, respectively.
  • When Trackstar tricks Velocity into falling into a pit, he says “You’re too slow for Trackstar” and later on, “Come on, step it up”. An allusion towards Sonic the Hedgehog’s taunts from Super Smash Bros.


  • This episode was meant to create recurring villains for the season. And while the original thoughts were not fully realized in this episode, due to the changes made during planning, it's still possible that they may return again in later episodes.
  • Veloz's vigilante name was originally going to be Highwayman, but the Writer believed that the name would reveal his true nature too early on.
    • The name was in reference to his speed (in relation to the Highway) and the historic meaning of the name as well: a thief who robbed travelers during the 19th century; this was to play on his criminal nature and his ‘gentlemen with an ulterior-motive’ attitude.
  • Elias was supposed to gain his vigilante code name at the end of the previous episode with his battle against Lynx. However, since that didn’t happen, the battle against Julian was used instead. With the gun giving him inspiration for the name, Caliber.
  • The man that Velocity saved in the building fire was originally going to be someone’s child.
  • One of the deleted scenes was Drake appearing at the police precinct and asking Ryan Wilson for some information regarding Julian’s case. However, this wasn’t added in because- as it turns out- Julian would have ended up killing Probst which would not have worked out for both Drake and Ryan, especially since Ryan is putting his job on the line to help Drake again.
  • Elias’ rant towards the end was meant for Julian, himself. But the scene was scrapped and his lines were moved to a conversation between him and Drake.
  • The new Director of the MCA was meant to appear in this episode towards the end of the episode, however- due to time constraints- he was scrapped from the episode with Ryan replacing him since he had already appeared earlier.
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