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Ben 10: Ultimate Heroes
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date 10/5/12
Written by Bryce B.
Directed by B.V.M.B.
Episode Guide
Dark Return Part:2


(Bryce, Spiky, punches at Albedo) YeeAhh!

(Albedo, Tyranic, thrown across screen) Oof!

(Bryce) Yeah! If you want more of that come and get some.

(Albedo) Ha ha ha, you think that I'm not prepared for your aliens. How amusing.(transform, Spiky) Now you see tha-oooooff.

(Ben, Gravattack) Yeah and tell your friends!

(Bryce, reverted) Thanks, I guess.

(Ben, reverted) What do you mean you guess?!

(Bryce) I mean he'd never used Spiky before, so I could've beaten him. But I still wanted to thank you.

(Ben) Oh, Look out!

A car gets thrown at them

(Ben, transform) Got it! What the?!(Detrovite, puts down car) I look like Vulkanus. Weird.

(Bryce) Looks like you unlocked a new alien.

(Ben) Yea, and not a bad at that.

(Albedo, human) Your detrovite form won't help you. Not while I have the Albedotrix at my fingertips(Turns dial)

(Bryce) You named it, after yourself... really?

(Albedo) Yes, I named it after my genius(transformation sequence, Waybig) Now then, where was I.

(Bryce, Waybig) About to get your butt kicked!

They begin fighting

(Ben, Waybig) Ok I'm ready now too.

(Albedo) That's not very fair two against one(transform, Ultimate Waybig) Now the odds are a bit more favorable for me.

(Bryce, transform, Ult. Waybig) You think you're the only one who can ultimize. Ha! You wish it was that easy for you.

(Ben) Um, I'll just stay down here.

(Bryce, Shooting at Albedo) You'll never win.

(Albedo, shooting back) That's not how I see things.(shoots Bryce's legs, causing him to fall) Now(shoots to keep him down)

(Bryce) Ooooo, Ben help(Trying to get up)

(Ben, begins shooting Albedo) Ok, I'm trying dude.

(Albedo) Ahhhh!!(reverts) No matter how many times you beat me you'll never stop our cause.

(Bryce, reverted) What cause?

(Ben, reverted) Albedo talk!

(Albedo) Ha ha ha ha ha, I wouldn't tell you if you threatened my life. The Dark One will return!(teleports away)

(Bryce) No!!



  • Detrovite's debut
  • Ultimate Waybig's debut
  • This episode gives away that Death Dragon comes back.
  • This is the first time the  Albedotrix is called by it's name.