Dark Mage
General Information
Species Fallen Mage
Home World -Redacted-
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Space Survivability
Body Possession
Dark Energy Wave
First Appearance TBA

Dark Mage is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fallen Mage from -Redacted-.


Dark Mage is a black humanoid with purple accents. He wears a torn black coat and hood. His face is shrouded in darkness but his green eyes glow from inside the darkness. It's unknown how he looks, but after his legs he's clearly a skeletal being. He also has 6 dark tendrils stemming from his back.

It's unknown where the Omnitrix symbol because it's covered by the coat.

Powers and Abilities

The tendrils on his back are one of his most deadly means of attack, as the tendrils impale opponents and turns them into piñatas, and then keep them suspended in the air. When all 6 of his tendrils are full, he'll throw away the previous victims and impale new ones.

He can cause a diagonal dark energy wave which cause opponents to go flying.


If he's ever defeated, he'll detonate himself causing an explosion of dark energy, pushing away opponents, then the dark energy will then suck in nearby opponents into an implosion, (This is a weaknesses, because allies can also get affected by the explosion).

This transformation is very dangerous due to the fact that similar to Ectonurites, this species' personality and memories of its donor, even if the DNA sample is computerized.

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