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Imad and Pearl face their worst Enemy in the entire series, tied with the Naljians and the last villain to appear: DAMI, aka DARK IMAD.

Dark Imad

One of the most Powerful Villains in Imad 10.

Dami aka "Dark Imad":The most powerful enemy to have ever appeared in the series in none other than one of Imad's alternate selves.In the hopes of defeating Necros,He created a Hybrid DNA Strand of evolved human-psychysapien,combining human adaptability with Evolved psychysapien's powerful reality warping and defeated his foe.However,The Power gravely corrupted his mind and his friends except Jazzufa were killed,transforming this Imad into a crazed monster on a killing frenzy. He erected a time barrier preventing anyone with less power than him to travel back to the past to change him. However,the Imad we know was able to combine his with the omnipotent version of Pearl to neutralise him and to travel back in time to convince his alternate self to renounce his project,causing Dark Imad to vanish from existence.In addition to his reality warping,his adaptability can make his grow even stronger.

Dark Imad wears a dark gold suit of armor with bladed limb plating and sharp edges, reflecting the fact that he wants to and WILL hurt anyone or anything that gets near him. His face is the same as Imad's, however, it has the features (Organic Mask and extensions) of Ultimate Masquerade, and has a skin color similar to a mix of regular light skin and Ultimate Masquerade's silvery skin. He also has sharper teeth, bloody red eyes and a red bead on his forehead. However, most of the time, he covers his face with a menacing looking helmet that only shows his eyes filled with evil and insanity.

As for the , The closest things mortals can describe Dami's is that they are god-like, or more precisely in his case demon-like. His DNA Is the one of the Hybrid Form: Half of Ultimate Imad's DNA and Half Ultimate Masquerade. He is a Reality Warper who has fully mastered his reality bending acquired from his evolved alien part of his mixed DNA, and acquired Tremendous adptability from his evolved human half, making his become at a steady rate stronger and stronger when facing someone of equal or even stronger power, giving him eventually the power needed to defeat Anyone.


This Villain has been confirmed to be inspired of 4 destructive villains:

Dami Alternate

Alternate Artwork

1 - Supreme King Jaden ( Haou in the Japanese version ) From Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

2 - Enerjak , especially the third one, from the Sonic the hedgehog comics.

3 - Eon (Alternate Ben" from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

4 - Dark Danny from "Danny Phantom"

King of Hell Dami

Digital render