The Dark Falcon is a corrupted Human from Earth. He is also an Alternate Version of Flame gone rogue. He is part of the Powerful Lords


He looks like a large falcon-like human, except that his feathers are dark grey/black, his mouth is bigger, and his eyes are bloody red. He wears a red/yellow suit with a fire pattern. He has his wings attached to his back. He also wears a falcon-like mask. He has A Red/purple aura

Powers and Abilities

He is literally a menace. He is capable of spitting out balls of black Hellfire from his mouth. This Hellfire is so strong, that it can obliterate any substance it touches. This black hellfire is also powerful enough to kill a Pyronite, a master of flame. Dark Falcon is also very fast, able to outrun the winds with a wing folded behind his back. He also has sharp sight, with night vision and X-ray. He is also durable enough to withstand some powerful attacks. When he superheats himself, he will become invulnerable. He can also bend black fire to a high extent, able to control it from a distance, and shoot a powerful stream of black fire from his mouth. He can also shoot and control normal fire, but he prefers to use Black Hellfire instead.


He used to be a Flame, but he had his mind corrupted with power and he started experimenting forbidden Jitsu's until he got his current powers.


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The Dark Falcon is a cruel, ruthless, arrogant and cunning villain. He seems to burn anything in his path. He cares for nobody at all, but he only cares for power. If the rest of the powerful lords weren't invulnerable to his attacks, he would've backstabbed them long ago. He has a grudge on all fire bending species, seeing them very inferior to even look at him. He is very full of himself and he sees himself as the most powerful being in the universe.

He is also on good terms with Shades.


The Dark Falcon is very full of himself and very impolite, which might result in his downfall. His weakness is water; lots of water can kill him.


UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe

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