The Dark Essence is a corrupted Human from Earth. He is also an Alternate Version of Ahmad gone rogue. He will NOT be used in RPs. His loyal servant is Speedair. They are both a part of the Powerful Lords


The Dark Essence looks like a human with a complete cloak. He is surrounded by Shadow Beasts across his body.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to manipulate the darkness around him, as powerful Dark Energy blasts, dubbed Shadow Beams.

These Shadow Beams were shown to be able to kill a person with one shot.

He can also lower the extent of his powers, allowing the victim to survive a blast.

He is capable of raising Shadow Shields to deflect attacks.

He was shown to be able to spawn shadow demons, though he never uses them as minions; instead, he uses them to block a corpse's soul from returning, thus revive-blocking a dead.

He has morphed his shadow demons around him to take attacks for him, WITHOUT having any other way of Aura.

He is also able to summon skeletons.


He used to be an Ahmad, but he had his mind corrupted with power and he started experimenting forbidden Jitsu's, until he got his current powers. More to be revealed.


He wields the Dark Star Saber and the Scepter of All Darkness, along with the "Third Eye".

Dark Star Saber

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Scepter of All Darkness

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Third Eye

Black Scythe enchanted him with the Third Eye Rune, a powerful spell that allows a person to use the darkness around him to see and allow him to see everything within a large radius. This might be derived from fear of back-stab.


The Dark Essence is a cruel, ruthless, arrogant and cunning villain. The only people he cares for are his teammates; though if they back-stab him, he will not hesitate to kill them with his own hands. Also, he does not seem to care about any innocent, killing them easily. He holds grudges easily, which makes him kill slower and more swift. He does NOT reach his full potential easily.


Though he seems extremely invulnerable, he has many weaknesses.


Dark Essence is afraid of darkness, which makes people shocked. It is said this was the reason he chose these powers. He is also afraid of back-stab.


As Light is the opposite of Darkness, Light is dangerous to him.


Ahmad 15

He has not appeared yet.

Charlie Hurst 10

He has not appeared yet.

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