Dark Cannonbolt is a Dark Arburian Pelarota from the planet Arburia in The Omni-Knights. He will appear in Arburia Attack, but won't appear again until season 3 of The Omni-Knights.

Dark Cannonbolt
Dark Cannonbolt-The Best.PNG
General Information
Species Dark Arburian Pelarota
Home World Arburia
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Rolling into a ball, controlling darkness, turning invisible
First Appearance Arburia Attack


Dark Cannonbolt looks like original Cannonbolt, but he is totally black all over, except his eyes who are red.


  • Rolling into a ball
  • Almost indestructible in ball mode
  • Can become invisible
  • Can become intangible
  • Incredibly agile, even when not a ball


Exetreme light is very dangerous for him.


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