Dante Slade
General Information
Species 1/2 Human
1/2 Unknown
Age 16
Affiliations The Carnage
Occupation(s) Student
Powers and abilities
Abilities Tephrakinesis
Ash Mimicry
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance The Rise of The Carnage


Dante is a tall, broad shouldered male teenager with gray eyes and short ash gray hair. He usually wears a dark gray turtleneck with no sleeves, dark gray armbands on his arms, gray pants that are held by a black belt and tucked inside dark knee-high boots. As a civilian, he wears a dark gray jacket over a white shirt, blue jeans and his knee-high boots. While in his boarding school, he wore a dark blue blazer over a white dress shirt with a loose, dark blue tie, a gray pants and black shoes.


  • Dante resembles the Ultimate version of Hawkeye from the "Marvel" comics, minus the sunglasses.
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