He is slightly taller than Ben and Maryana. He is caramel-skinned, and his eyes are purple. He wears a red and blue plaid shirt and wears an orange scarf around his neck. His jeans are blue. He wears black, red, and white shoes. His hair is black and messy. He is also somewhat muscular. In his Ectonurite form, he looks like Zs'Skayr in Alien Force, though shorter.


Daniel is mostly depressed. He can't see the point of most of his journeys. He does have a soft spot, however. He cares for his friends, but just doesn't show it. When he's not in his quiet nature, he usually has something smart to say, and is a big fan on sarcasm.

Powers and Abilities

Daniel is very strong, being able to pick up a whole car. Being half Ectonurite, Daniel can become invisible, intangible, and possess others. He can also launch an energy beam from his palms, only in his true form.


A certain chemical can solidify Daniel's protoplasm thus negating his intangibility and invisibility. Being part Ectonurite, light, especially sunlight, renders Daniel powerless when he is in his true form and causes him severe physical damage, destroying his body. Even a small amount of light is enough to weaken his abilities. When he has his human skin on, he doesn't have this weakness.



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