Danny H. During his childhood

Danny during his brief time as a reality warping villain.

Imad and Pearl's son,who's a few minutes older than his sister.He's a fun-loving troublemaker who likes to mess around with everybody. He can transform into his evolved psychysapien form at will,but can use his in his human form too. He always had a dream of joining the Plumbers. He is described as a red haired young man who likes to go on adventures.

In young Corruption, he acquired an ultimatrix but was heavily injured and had a coma situation. Due to Imad meddling with time despite Kronin's advice not to, he became an insane villain with the same as Dark Imad who killed his parents and professor Paradox in cold blood. It was Temporalis who orchestrated the whole thing. However, thanks to Kronin's Help, Imad set things right again, and Danny woke up from his coma and a month later defeated his first monster.Even though he remained a trouble maker, Daniel acquired maturity and responsibility from experience and became a high ranking magister within the plumbers. His father told him that he had a bad experience with the plumbers, but reminded him that Plumbers are still Peacekeepers and the choice of joining them was Daniel's to make.

Jennifer and Daniel all grown-up

He has Flamboyant red hair, and reddish Brown eyes.

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