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Danger Duck is an Anaktra Mec form the planet Pato Mundo. Danger Duck is five feet tall, with average strength and speed.

Danger Duck
Danger Duck
General Information
Species Anaktra Mec
Home World Pato Mundo
Body Humanoid Duck
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Power Orb Randomizer

Aqua Dense

Breath Underwater

Quantum Quack

First Appearance "The Krakken (Tomas 10)"


Danger Duck has the humanoid body figure of a regular human, with a duck-like face. He wears a full black suit, with an orange triangle on his chest holding the Omnitrix. Danger Duck also has an orange beak and orange hands.

DD pose

Danger Duck

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Power Orb Randomizer: Tosses powerful flaming spheres of energy (often referred to as "eggs"). The eggs usually expose or materialize other things upon explosion. This effect has ranged from creating orange juice, to tar, to large boulders, to simply explosive eggs. Duck has not learned to completely control the outcome of the materializations.
  • Quantum Quack: The ability to teleport (or "quack") short distances. It is not as useful for traveling long distances as XLR8's super speed.
  • Aqua Dense: When throwing his "eggs" near water, he instead fires powerful blast of aquatic energy. This is also the ability to mentally control water while using his Aqua Dense.


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