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This is the Pilot of the series Beck 10.

Beck 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date March 2, 2012
Written by Kris
Directed by Steven Spielberg
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Plumber Duty


Beck Lordran is a gifted Canadian Dancer who moves to LA to go to a school for talented children. But other than school he has to stop chaos!

Beck's Thoughts[]

Would you believe it? A 10 year old Canadian leaving the suburbs of Vancouver to live in LA. It must be a Guiness world record! But as a top Plumber, I have to fulfill my duty of stopping the syndicate and preventing world chaos. It ought to be a toughy. But I really gotta save the world. But first, Hollywood Arts Elementary, here we come!

Tori's Thoughts[]

Oh my Prince Beck. All those marvellous internet video chats I've stored in my 'Beck Hunk' folder will come true when you join my school! We'll dance together, day and night and kiss under the midnight sky. But, what will happen when you reluctantly discover my terrible secret. Oh well....


On an 8.50am Monday Morning.

Kid: Hey Beck!

Beck comes walking by as the new kid.

Kid 2: Hollywood Arts is da place for you!

Kid 3: That's him? He's-He's

Beck: Awesome! I fudging know!

Beck walks into the Principal's Office.

Principal: Plumber Lordran.....

Beck: Hey Principal Edrarn!

Principal: Rookie Edrarn! So what's your secret to excellence in Plumbership?

Beck: Simple! Good-looking, smart, young and athletic antics. And very fresh bowels! Going back to Rookie Ignatius's lactose intolerance. Always get your own room in Plumber training.

Edrarn: Nice to know! Anyway, you know why you're here, right?

Beck: Of course. I've got my 20 month contract stating I MUST stop the syndicate between Ojama and his crew of national leaders. And I'm ready to kill some krill!

Edrarn: Enthusiasm, I love it! So you've also come here to take classes. And it's time for class

Beck: Class!?

Edrarn: Defo. You've got drama now. Ms Baka will show you around.

Beck: Meh. Coming to L.A. to hang out with a smoking hot girl? Sick!

Beck exits the office and meets Tori.

Tori: Hey, hot guy!

Beck: Long time no see, beautiful!

Person: Hello, time for drama class students!


Tori: Mrs Hanktrem, our drama teacher who drinks pink lemonade in half coconut shells!

Beck runs over to class, and Tori follows.

In class....

Hanktrem: OK, today a group of young actors here will peform my short film, Dancing with the Students!. So let's choose actors. Who wants a role?

Students raise there hand!

A half hour later.....

Tori: So here's the cast list I made for Hanktrem.

Beck: I'll look at the jank.

Kid 4: Whatever cruddy c**p looks cool, I'll see!

Kid 5: Watch it!

Tori shows the list

Beck and Tori are cast the leadx