Damen Artoras
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth-127
Residence Bellwood
Age 15
Affiliations None
Occupations Student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities None
Equipment Codetrix
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Brother
Aliases None
Voice Actor Neil Cicirega
First Appearance Damen: The Hero

Damen Artoras is a hero in Damen 13. He first appeared in Damen: The Hero. He is a Human from the planet Earth. Damen wields the Codetrix, a necessary tool to fight evil.


Damen is 5'5, weighs 110 lbs., has white skin and straight brown hair that is parted to his right side. Damen usually wears a blue zip-up hoodie with the number 13 on the back of it, a black t-shirt that has some green paint stains and some long, baggy cargo pants.


Damen is a person who tends to give second chances even to the people who would pose great harm to his friends and family. He is at times cocky and arrogant, which blinds him from what is going on, while also managing to be calm and quiet for most of the time, seeing as there isn't anything that usually makes a whole lot of conversation occur for him. Damen is also very apologetic, even if he didn't do anything wrong, and smart enough to predict what action their opponent will take next and what strategies to use in that time period, given he is in direct line of sight of the fighter and on the receiving end of multiple attacks.

Powers and Abilities

Damen has the power of commanding the Codetrix to transform into his thirteen aliens.


Damen is physically weak when he is left in his human form, and cannot outrun many different alien species due to his lack of physical training. He also has the weakness of requiring multiple things in order to keep his body running at full strength, otherwise he will be much weaker in terms of sheer power when transformed.


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  • Originally, Damen was to be a Half-Alien, but it was changed so Damen would not resemble Ben Tennyson.
  • Damen had to undergo several drawing revisions until they were deleted out of sheer frustration of not being able to complete them


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