General Information
Species Dalek
Kaled (formerly)
Home World Scaroh
Residence Dalek ships
Age 10,000 (as a species)
Affiliations Each other
Davros (formerly, deceased)
Occupations Soldiers for the Dalek Empire
Scientists (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Kill people with laser weapon
Drain people's memories
Equipment Suits
Relatives Davros (deceased)
Aliases none
Voice Actor unknown
First Appearance The 10th Hour

The Daleks are Daleks from the planet Scaroh in Ben 10: Enter the Ultimarix.


They wear 5-foot-tall suits resembling copper with gold circular domes on the sides. They have a long arm on this suit that has a suction cup on it. The suit also has a laser weapon. Where the eye should be, there is a long stalk with what looks like the end of a telescope. Inside, they resemble small, green squid with one eye permanently closed.


They were originally the Kaleds, but Davros mutated them, and now it is instinctive for them to use their robotic suits to kill people.


They Seem to be trained soldiers, and have an almost robotic outlook on the world.

Powers and Abilities

They use their suction cups to drain memories in search of information, and kill people with their laser weapons. Outside of the suit, they can strangle you with their tentacles.


  • The Tenth Hour
  • Death Comes to Time
  • The Pandorica Opens
  • Goodnight
  • Nightmare
  • Narcolepsic
  • Voided


They do not understand any emotions not associated with war or killing.

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