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General Information
Species: Ryutenno
Home World: TBA
DNA Source: Tenryujin
Body: Divine Draconic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Flow Manipulation
Lucky Aura
Classification: Spiritual/Fauna
Motif: Benzaiten
First Appearance: Trial X Fire (Tech Cross)
Von Zehn in die Zukunft (Project Deca)

Daitenryu is an alien from the series Tech Cross.


Daitenryu has the ability to perform ethereal hymns that have control over the medium of "flow"; time, water, music, speech, anything with a flowing rhythm to it falls under her domain. She doesn't control any of these elements directly; rather, the way they play out is influenced by her song.

For example, she can slow down or speed up the flow of time with different hymns but she cannot create or erase time; she can change the direction of a river, but not add or remove water from the stream; she can smooth out or garble someone's thought process, but not influence the thoughts themselves, and so on and so forth.

Daitenryu exudes a heavenly aura that soothes the souls of those around her and makes her difficult to attack directly. In addition to this, she can use this aura to selectively grant good fortune to people.

Learned Hymns

So far, Daitenryu has been shown using the following hymns:

  • Hymn of Wind: Creates a whirlwind strong enough to send tanks flying.
  • Hymn of Healing: Enhances the body's natural healing processes in order to fix wounds.


Daitenryu, as noted before, is unable to directly control the elements she manipulates in a traditional manner.

Daitenryu cannot bestow luck on herself, only those around her.


Tech Cross

Project Deca


  • Daitenryu's name is a combination of the Japanese words "dai" (meaning "great" or "grand"), "tennyo", a female Japanese spirit, and "ryu", meaning "dragon".
  • "Ryutenno" is comprised of the words "ryu" (see above) and "tenno", the Japanese name for the emperor of Japan.


Daitenryu is based on the Japanese Buddhist deity Benzaiten, the goddess of everything that flows and one commonly regarded as presiding over music and wisdom. She is often portrayed with a dragon at her feet, which is reflected in Daitenryu's draconic elements.

Benzaiten's status as one of the Seven Lucky Gods (a set of seven deities believe to bring good fortune) is reflected in Daitenryu's ability to bestow luck, while her golden aura references the Golden Light Sutra, which expounds her Hindu counterpart Saraswati's vows of protection.


  • Benzaiten, the inspiration for Daitenryu, often has her name shortened to Benten. That is not a joke, that is real.