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Daipeanosapians are an animalistic species native to the planet Bokzr.


Daipeanosapians appear to be a large brown dog with yellow eyes and teeth and claws.

On both of their front arms is a natural armor that is colored a dark brown. Their jaws are also armored.


Typically, Daipeanosapians do not have a language, and communicate like earth dogs, but there are several who have learned English through Earth entertainment.


Due to the dog-eat-dog nature of their home planet, Daipeanosapians are not very friendly with their own kind, but this is a common trait among animals that aren't family.

Daipeanosapians normally live by hunting down whatever they can find to eat and moving on to the next meal.

Daipeanosapians whine like dogs when scared.

Powers and Abilities

Daipeanosapians have superhuman strength, as they can rip off the roof of a car with ease. They can dig deep craters at a fast speed, even while digging through solid stone ground.

They have enhanced agility that allows him to run at an inhuman rate.

They have enhanced durability due to his armored skin.

They are quadrupedel, however they is capable of standing on their hind legs, and they can punch, somewhat awkwardly, by doing this.

They also possesses razor sharp teeth and claws.


Because of their heavily armored skin, their agility is only limited to his speed. They are not very flexible in that they are unable to jump from tree to tree like Vulpimancers can.

Notable Daipeanosapians

  • Growler (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Daipeanosapian)
  • Rocco
  • KC
    • Daisy
    • Peach
    • Eva
    • Zinnia
    • Rocket
    • Zeus
    • CeCe

Notable Daipeanosapian Hybrids

  • Kevin Leven

Notable Evolved Daipeanosapians


The name Daipeanosapian is a combination of the names Daisy and Peach (the creator of this alien's two dogs,) with "-nosapian" added to the end to make it sound more alien-like.


  • The Daipeanosapians are based off a frequent doodle their creator makes called Drian Doggo.