Dai Gray
General Information
Species Off-the-grounder Gardevoir
Age 32
Powers and Equipment
Powers Psychokinesis
Pokémon Info
Types Psychic

Dai Gray is a character in Pokémon Sky. She is a Off-the-grounder Gardevoir from the Off-the-ground.


She has long dyed dark purple hair. She wears a grey sweater, a black coat and leggings. She has a blue skirt. She is noted to be quite shapely.


She is generally pleasant, but will not take crap. She cares very much about LGBTQIA+ rights across the galaxy, being a transgender lesbian. She enjoys art, and values self-expression.

Powers and Abilities

She has the usual psychic, fairy, and gravity powers of all Gardevoir. She is, uniquely, Ghost type.


Her Ghost attacks can’t affect Normal or Fighting Pokémon.




They cannot stand each other. They only reason they’re still in contact with each other is because Dai likes Violet’s family.


She treats Derwin as if they were her child.


She knows a Lepidopterran.

Otto Maton

Dai likes Otto's ridiculousness.



  • Small children have a cuteness proximity effect on her.
  • Her original design was just Wicke from Pokémon Sun and Moon, in Gardevoir form.
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