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Age Unknown
Powers and Abilities

Dagon is a villain in Earth-126. He is considered to be a demon while his home world is considered to be a place of darkness, knowledge, and insanity.


He can take on many many forms, but his true form is nothing but insidious energy amassing in the shape of a cephalopod-like being.


He is sadistic, cunning and uncaring towards others and life but not cruel even if he comes off as that.


A long time ago, he was worshiped, beloved, and honored, but that changed one day, as his wondrous home fell into ruins. It is unknown what caused it, but it changed him for the worst.

He began to seek out a new home, a new place that will revere him as the mighty being he was. This new world he came to, didn't take it too kindly nor did was he willing to let them go unruled.

This world was Earth and they fought back, but it was never enough to subdue him, until a stranger from the stars came to help, he gifted them a way to end the war against Dagon. but the knights of seven fought over who deal the final blow, but durring that a being of magic took the gift and went to face Dagon alone.

They confronted coming to bargain, but Dagon wouldn't have it, the magic man only smiled as be enchanted the blade and set runes all around, and in a simple word uttered, he seals Dagon away never to be heard again.

But Dagon would find a way out, he will curse the lineage of this mage and undo what has been done to him.

Much time passes and Dagon rots in this pitiful world he was sealed within, but eventualy his luck would change as a child comes into this world lost and far from home.

This child was none other than Theodore Leclair, who was lost in the dark worlds and spirit planes, this encounter would lead to his escape, but at a hefty cost he would pay much later on.

Powers and Abilities

He has a strong telepathic capabilities and prowess.

Unlimited knowledge, that only really pertains to Earth-126 and its section of the multiverse.

as for miscellaneous powers

  • Shapeshifting
  • flight/levitation
  • teleportation


  • Appearance 1
  • Appearance 2
  • Etc.


  • Does not understand the concept of "Gender", so will use any pronoun.
    • Pronouns of He/Him/His that are used are based on canon.
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