Daedalus is the Deltatrix's DNA sample of a Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime.


Daedalus resembles a gray frog-like humanoid in an black jumpsuit and orange overcoat. They have two small whiskers hanging from their upper lip.

The Deltatrix is located on their right wrist.

Powers and Abilities

Daedalus has a great calculative and technical mind. They can create complicated machines from spare parts, understand the function of any device at a glance, and make sophisticated repairs to complex machines.

Daedalus' size allows them to squeeze into small spaces and can climb walls due to microscopic pads on their skin. They also have sharp teeth that can cause pain to those they bite, as well as slimy skin that makes them difficult to grab.

Daedalus' intelligence is not limited to technology and biology, as they are smart in general. Even if they do not know something, they can learn it very quickly.

Daedalus appears to be stronger than they looks, as they were strong enough to push open doors.

Daedalus can breathe underwater due to having gills, making them amphibious.

Daedalus has a long prehensile tongue, owing to their insectivore nature. As a Galvan, they also possess a 'pre-brain' which deals with all basic bodily functions.


Daedalus' small size makes anything larger than them a danger.

Sometimes, Daedalus actually has no clue what they are talking about.

Despite their immense intelligence, Daedalus can still make miscalculations.


  • Daedalus, in Greek Mythology, was the most famous inventor to ever live. He created the Labyrinth, and a set of wings for him and his nephew.
  • Daedalus shares a voice actor with OG Gray Matter.
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