Following Ben's demise in an alternate version of The Final Battle: Part 2, 13-year old Dirk DZ Surge, a new recruit to the Plumbers, has been chosen by a Galvan named Lerif to wield the Surgetrix. With his friends Emily, Lorraine and Thomas, Dirk must use the Surgetrix wisely, taking Ben's place as the hero of the universe.

Theme Song

Credit to Ahmad15 for the lyrics.

To the theme of the Omniverse theme song.

(Shows Dirk pressing down on the Surgetrix)

DZ, he's a kid but he's the chosen one!

(Shows Swampfire emitting methane above him)

When seen by the villains, they cower off and run!

(Shows Big Chill rising into the air with his left fist pumped up)

DZ, with the Surgetrix that he wears on his arm...

(Shows Atomix with his hands glowing green)

...No one would dare inflict the littlest harm!

(Shows Heatblast creating a fire spiral)

Many villains he will face, he'll show 'em their place, DZ!

(Shows seven slides with Feedback, Ball Weevil, The Worst, Four Arms, Cannonbolt, Gravattack and Buzzshock)

Power, through his veins will run, like a miniature sun, DZ!

(Shows Dirk with a shadow of Alien S behind him.)


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