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DNBen (2).png
General Information
Species Xenocyte/human hybrid
Home World Augstaka
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Goo Projection
Enhanced Strength
Weapon Handling
Prehensile Tentacles

DNBen is a Xenocyte-human hybrid from the planet Augstaka.


He looks like a regular DNAlien except with an Infinimatrix/Codontrix symbol on his chest.

In BTUP, his appearance is completely different. He has on a black outfit, similar to Bullfrag. His hands and feet are now green.

Powers and Abilities

He can spit out very sticky goo and he possesses enhanced strength. He also has the ability to stretch his tentacles.


Beings which have more strength than him can overpower him.


Logan Storm: Galactic Hero

DNBen has the same appearance as he does in the infobox. The symbol of The Lightningmatrix is on his chest. The appearance is the same, except the name, which is DNLogan.



Ben 10: Ultimate Power
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