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The DNAlter is an omnitrix in Kial: DNAlter that was used by Kial



Kiamta was a Highbreed High Scientist for the High Council. When he started trying to mutate Highbreed, they banished him and his pregnant wife to peasantry. He continued his research and created the DNAlter. Later he gave it to his son Kial.


The device is used to alter ones dna.


  1. Active mode, ready to transform user into selected alien, after fifteen minutes of activity it reverts user to default form and go to recharge mode.
  2. Recharge mode, face plate turns grey and wont do anything, recharge time approx. five to twenty minutes, dependant on activity level.
  3. Radiation mode. the faceplate turns green when there is to much radiation nearby, wil warn user about transformation mishaps.
  4. Unknown dna mode, faceplate turns yellow when an unknown dna source is near by.
  5. Capture mode, the faceplate flashes yellow and scans dna.
  6. Map mode, faceplate glows then scans area, then displays a map of the area, user can save maps to the hardrive.
  7. Transformed mode, this is when user is transformed into an alien, the DNAlter sits on the users wrist nothing changes except size, it srkinks to about the size of a wrist watch.
  8. Alien enhancement,(Not currently available) allows user to activate evolved aliens.

Aliens Unlocked[]

  1. Vulpimancer(Wildmutt)
  2. Sonorosian(Echo Echo)
  3. Vaxisaurian(Humungosaur)
  4. Kinecelleran(XLR8)
  5. Necrofriggian(Big Chill)
  6. Petrosapien(DiamondHead)
  7. Volan(Rip Jaws)
  8. Lepidopterran(StinkFly)
  9. Polymorph(Goop)
  10. Pyronite(Heat Blast)