DNA Drivers are unique devices from Earth-83 that are made to interact with DNA Cards in various ways.


DNA Drivers were created by Xr. Nullamor along with the DNA Cards to make the latter technology usable. DNA Drivers have been modified into various forms since their original creation to suit various different purposes.

Base Drivers

The Base Drivers were the first DNA Drivers created. They take the form of hard drive-like modules that can be installed into a computer. Once installed, the Base Drivers allow the computer to read, write, and edit data from and onto DNA Cards.

Transformation Drivers

Transformation Drivers allow their users to transform using the information stored on a DNA Card. The only existing Transformation Driver makes up the core of the StarTrix, giving the device its transforming capabilities.

Driver Gauntlets

The Driver Gauntlets are gauntlet-like devices created to interface with and upgrade various Omnitrixes. They were based on stolen blueprints for the SpecTrix, and upgrade the attached Omnitrixes with special features both found on the SpecTrix and uniquely created, including:

  • Computer Synchronization
  • Customized Applications
  • Universal Communications
  • Alien Fusion
  • Alien Evolution

Star Driver Gauntlet

The Star Driver Gauntlet is the first Driver Gauntlet seen on Earth-83, appearing in Season 2 and onwards of Tech 10: Star Spirit as a critical piece of Theodore Logical's equipment.

Inverse Driver Gauntlet

An alternate version of the Star Driver Gauntlet that first appears in Interlude, being claimed by Aeron for use with his InverTrix.

Soul Drivers

A currently undeveloped Driver rumored to be capable of generating DNA data from souls somehow. No specifics on the project are currently available to the public.


  • DNA Drivers were named after the Drivers of the Japanese franchise Kamen Rider.

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