DNA Cards are a technology first introduced in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


DNA Cards were initially developed by Xr. Nullamor as an integral part of his Modular Genetics research. Though they were not created for the standard market, Nullamor has created a lucrative business by producing and selling them in bulk to companies that specialize in genetic research and modification.

When approached to help with the creation of the StarTrix, in addition to developing its Star-Connection Drive, he also created its transformation system, adapting it to work with the DNA Cards.


DNA Cards are similar in appearance to Micro-SD Cards, having the same general structure.

They are capable of holding the complete digital recreation of a single species' DNA, and are structured in a way that makes them compatible with Modular Genetic modification.

Their cases are uniquely tough, allowing the cards to survive extreme temperatures and environments.

Compatible Devices

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