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The DNA Alterer (often referred to as the Watch) is a watch like device originally created by Metz Simons as one of the Peace Watch prototypes. It was later finished by his son, Ari Simons. 

DNA Alterer
General Information
User Ari Simons
Creator Metz Simons (Originaly)

Ari Simons (Completed)

Type DNA Aleter
Similar Technology Peace Watch
First Appearance TBA


The DNA Alterer resembles a wrist watch. Its faceplate is square. It has an orange and black color scheme. The face plate is black and has a red circle in the middle with an empty center. There are 2 red lines coming from both top and the bottom that connect to the circle. These lines then go all around the watch.


  • The DNA Alterer does not mistransform.
  • The DNA Alterer has the quick change feature.
  • The DNA Posseses a little bit of enhanced alien DNA.
  • Thd DNA Alterer has the DNA stored within itself in a computerized form.
  • The Omnitrix has a Life-Form Lock function which allows the user to stay in an alien form for an extended period of time.
    • ​However if the DNA Alterer symbol is taken off the user, he will be trapped in that form for ever
  • The DNA Alterer adapts the user's clothing to the DNA Alterer aliens he/she transforms into.
  • The DNA Alterer has a holographic interface, where a holographic circle is shown, with the top half having alien faces, which is activated and scrolls through the aliens by the user touching the faceplate, akin to a touch screen. The faceplate will then slide open when the side button is pressed to lock in the selection, the faceplate will come out and when pressed will trigger a transformation.
  • The DNA Alterer has Voice Command:
  • The DNA Alterer can synchronize with another Watch, and while synchronized it has accesses to all the aliens in the other Watch
Command Code What It Does
Command Code 01 Ari Simons Unlock DNA Storage Unlocks the DNA Storage, allowing for New DNA to be added.
Cmmand Code 02 Ari Simons Activate DNA Alterer Activates the DNA Alterer if it was deactivated.


Active Mode

Active Mode is the default mode for the DNA Alterer if it's in use

Recharge Mode

If all it's power is drained (happens only after transforming into 17 aliens in a row) it switches to recharge mode in which it recharges. If the DNA Alterer is not in use, it switches to this mode

Unlocked DNA Storage Mode

The DNA Alterer switches to his mode the Command Code 01 is activated. At this point the user can add new DNA into the DNA Alterer.

Life-Form Lock Mode

The DNA Alterer allows it's user to stay in one form for a long period of time without being drained of energy.

Emergency Mode

The emergency mode is triggered when the user is injured. it transforms the user into an Alien that would keep the user safe from harm until he recovers.


Alien Species Home Planet First Appearance
Big Chill Necrofriggian Kylmyys TBA
Diamondshard Petrosapien Petropia TBA
Ditto Splixson Hathor TBA
Eatoad Gourmand Peptos XII TBA
Feedback Conductoid Teslavorr TBA
Forge Prypiatosian-B Unknown TBA
FourFist Tetramand Khoros TBA
Frankenbolt Transylian Anur Transyl TBA
GreyBrain Galvan Galvan Mark III TBA
Legorilla Segmentasapien Polyominus TBA
Lodestar Biosovortian Biosovorta  TBA
Phantomfreak Ectonurite Anur Phaetos TBA
Ray'Diation Unknwon Unknown TBA
Techybug Human/Nanochip None TBA
Turtlewind Geochelone Aerio Aldabra TBA
Upgrade Galvanic Mechamorph Galvan B TBA
Whampire Vladat Anur Vladias TBA


  • The DNA Alterer is a DNA Alterer which is ironic.
  • It contains 3 Anur System aliens.
  • It contains 2 Andromeda Galaxy Aliens.
  • It Contains One unknown DNA sample.
  • It can only contain 17 Samples, or less.
    • If it contains Less then 17, it will scan new DNA from around the user.