D'aois is a character in the series Plumbers. He is the principle of the base. D'aois is very very old.


Because of his age, D'aois is senile, which means he forgets things fast. He has hearing problem, he will hear things wrong, and usually falls asleep fast. D'aois is nice though.


  • Absorbing energy
  • Releasing it as lasers or light
  • Shooting lasers
  • Very very hard
  • Absorbing all elements
  • Controlling all elements
  • Regenerating


  • Very old
  • Senile
  • Hearing problems

Species and Planet

Species: Negative Crystalsapien

Planet: Negative Morotesi



  • Peixes: D'aois, we heard today is your birthday so-
  • Cibus: He has a birthday? Since when?
  • Peixes: Since he was born.
  • Cibus: I though time didn't exist before
  • Peixes: That's just evil. Anyway we brought you a- (D'aois snores) Rejuvinator!
  • D'aois: You caught me and unjuiced me later?
  • Peixes: It will make you younger!
  • D'aois: It will make my lungs hurt?
  • Peixes: For heavens sake. Fifty years looks good, right? (zaps D'aois, he stays the same, he zaps again, stays the same) Uh... one hundred? (stays the same) Five hundred? (stays the same) One thousand? (looks a bit younger)
  • D'aois: I am 2300 again! Yay!
  • Peixes: Okay...


D'aois is a negative picture of Chromastone.


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