Cyrogilians are large blue lizards that live on, Cyrogilia. Cyrogilians reproduce asexually; they reproduce every sixteen-hundred years.


  • At birth, a Cyrogilian is about the size of a small Komodo dragon.
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    Adolescent Cyrogilian

  • An adolesance Cyrogilian has black spots on its back, and a birth mark on it's forehead, both will disapppear after they reach adulthood. During adolesance, they began growing claws and finish growing teeth. An average length of a Cyrogilian is 4 3/4 feet long, exluding tail, 1 1/2 feet in height.
  • At adult hood, their claws are fully grown, their size is estamated to be 7 5/8 on hind legs, and 369 pounds. Thier spots on their backs and the birthmark on their forehead has vanished. During adulthood, they give birth. They can lay up to more than a dozen and are very protective of thier young.


Cyrogilians resembles a large komodo dragon. They have bluish scales, claws, teeth, and a strong tail. They are able to work on thier hind legs.

Powers and Abilities

Cyrogilians use their claws to climb, their teeth to eat fish, and other animals. Their strong tails and thier hard scales acts like a defense mechanism. They have the ability to shoot ice breath from their mouths.

Known Cyrogilians

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