Cyclone is an alien in 40: The Last Splixson. He is an Aerosifa from the southern area of Planet Jongmu.

General Information
Species Aerosifa
Home World Jongmu
Body Hurricane
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Aerokinesis
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Race Against Time


He looks like a hurricane, with three eyes on his "head". He has two "arm-like" limbs that resemble hurricanes themself. His symbol is on his top.


Cyclone has vast aerokinesis, able to control air currents to a huge degree.

He also has the ability to spawn tornadoes and wind vortexes.

He can also duplicate himself.

He also has the ability to collect the wind arround himself to reform. This grants him regeneration.

He has the ability to break into thin air.

He is semi-tangible, like AmpliFire.


  • If he breaks into very thin particles, he might be "gone with the wind" and lost forever.


40: The Last Splixson

Cyclone duplicates to solve the maze faster, and briefly fights the lion robot.

Cyclone fires random wind attacks at the imperceptible Anti-Creatures.


  • Cyclone might have limited weather control, as opposed to Airstrike, who only manipulates air.
  • Cyclone's clones don't share each other's pains, as mentioned by Fred during Race Against Time.
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