He is looks like a yellow cat with one eye who carries around his "Party Pack". Usually on his back, his Party Pack carries around some of the most random or convenient items lying in there. Party Pack is like his best friend.

Powers and Abilities

Super Sight-His one big eye gives him great eye sight

Party Pack-His Party Pack reappears on his back whenever it is lost or destroyed. See Description.

Prehensile Tail-Movable Tail, able to hold or grab things

Wall Climbing-He can climb up ledges and walls

Night Vision-He can see in the dark, like most cats.


If his Party Pack is kept in a containment unit or area, it will not return to his back.

Sometimes his Party Pack is empty and needs to refill.

His prehensile tail sometimes seem to have a mind of it's own and doesn't respond to actions.

If his eyes is hurt, his vision goes down and making his eyes like that for at least thirty minutes in that transformation.


"CYCAT AND PARTY PACK!" Quote from Cycat.

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