Season 1, Episode 2
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The Omnitrix Returns
Speedy Cars


I was running threw the park as XLR8 to get to a robbery.

Me: You robbers should know by now you mess with Jackson you get the… it’ll come to me. (Transform) Goop!

I slipped under there legs and hit the back of there heads.

Robber 1: Where’d-

Robber 2: I don’t-

Then the police arrived and took them away.

Me detransforming: That was easy.

Then robots fell from the sky.

Me: Flying robots? COOL! (one hits me) ouch… (Transform) Chromas-!

I got hit, then I shot a laser at the robot and it exploded.

Me: As I was saying CHROMASTONE!

Suddenly I was getting hit everywhere.

Me: Great. (Transform) Terraspin!

I shot air and knocked ‘em out.

Me: (Transform) Cannonbolt!

I rolled over 20 of ‘em and detransformed.

Me:Come on! What’s wrong with you narrator???

Narrator: Hey! (creates an insane Omnitrix wielder)

Insane Omnitrix Wielder: (Transform) WAY BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Okay, okay. Sheesh. (gets hit) What the??? (Omnitrix recharges) Good, I need… (Transform) WAY BIG!!!

I killed the insane dude.

Me: That’s better.

Narrator: Hmph.

Me: (Transforms) Diamondhead!

I shot diamonds at robots. Suddenly a bigger buffer robot came down. He looked mad.

Me: Do you have any waffles?

Big Robot Dude: How dare you threaten me, Cybertron, ruler of all robots! Robots attack! Soon I will the Universe! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

Me: You know I can cut you in half I'm Diamondhead.

Cybertron: Lolwut. Oh crap.

He flies off.

Cybertron: I'll be back with some waffles some day! Next Sunday actually if your agenda is open! Byezies!

Me: Byezies!

We air hug then I shoot more diamond crystal shards at him. He shot a laser at me. I dodged it then reverted.

Me: Man. I better not eat any more burritos! (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) (Farts!) Gotta go!

He ran off to the bathroom.

Narrator: And his poop lived happily ever after.

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