Disclaimer: A cybertronian is a Term/species of the Series of Habro Toys "Transformers" We claim no ownership of this term. A cybertronian is a species of alien that has many robotic qualities and the power to transform many contain weapons of all kinds. and their species has been at war for nearly a millenia ome members of the species dna can be diffrent enough to be considered diffrent forms the Codon stream contains samples of optimus prime, bumblebee, and Wheeljack, 3 members in their species at the time with the most differing dna sequences so as to add normality and future dna samples protoform dna had been added to the codon stream. As well as MAximal, transmetal and transmetal 2 dan found in fossils from the beast wars

___________________________________________ ACCURATE DESCRIPTION OF A CYBERTRONIAN BELOW

Cybertronians are an alien species that are (Only by looking at them) robotic. They have to the ability to scan a vehicle and then “transform” from robot mode the scanned vehicle. The species is divided between two factions, Autobots and Decepticons. The Autobots are peace makers while the Decepticons are vicious conquerors. by, lenopow.

Transformer without vehicle

without a vehicle mode

Vehicle mode 2

Photos from Transformers :Autobots , Ninten
Vehicle mode 1

with vehicle form

do Ds

these photos are only of one particular Transformers Universe more of Other Universes may be added later

Life Force and "Soul"

A cybertronains personality and Essence come from their spark, a ball of energy from Primus himself, During the Golden Age of Cybertron many cybertronians called it their lazer core. It is believed a Matrix (in some realities) has the abillity to transfer sparks to new transformers bodies, as it is with the Dinobots in the G1 marvel comics. Without their Spark a Transformer would be simply a blank slate.

Dna Diffrences

As Cybertronians through the Generations Typically Upgrade or Change even their very genetic Structure and that The Matrix Alters a Prime's Dna multiple Cybertronian Dna Samples can be obtained. Example A minibot(smaller built transformer) like Bumblebee has slighly Diffrent Dna than the Average Transformer, and a scientist class transformer would have lsightly diffrent dna aswell. Maximals and Predacon However have a vast Dna gap evn more so in their later forms of Transmetal, Transmetal 2, and fully Techno-organic(beast machines)

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