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Other Info
Crimes: Murders
Goal: Kill Many People
Abilities: Can Hack AAnything

Summon a Fire Wall to Protect Him

Disguise himself as Link from Zelda

1st appearance: Hacker Alert
Arch-enemy: Anyone who gets in his way
Henchmen/Leader: Himself

Cyberlink is a human from the planet Earth in Splix 10.


Cyberlink was born under the name Draco LeBlanc. One day Draco aged 18, and his father were in an electronics store when a Legend of Zelda game, wires, and a computer fell on him. They caught fire, and engulfed him. His father left thinking he was dead, while he was really alive with new electronic powers. Draco went home to see that his father, and mother were crying. He went in, and told them that it was. They didn't believe him and tazzered him, a moment later he awoke with red eyes. He then grabbed the tazzer, and programmed it to tazzer his parents to death. He grabbed a white robe, a green hat, and green-blue garbs. Afterwards he killed his whole town, and became wanted by the FBI after hacking and stealing from many banks. He then changed his name to Cyberlink, and went into hiding occasionally coming out and killing people.


  • Can Hack Anything
  • Summon Fire Wall to Protect Himself
  • Disguise himself as Link from Zelda.


  • His name is partially derived from Link from, "The Legend of Zelda".

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