Cyberchase v2.png
General Information
Species Vyroid
Home Planet Cyberion
DNA Source Unknown
Body Humanoid
Abilities Electrokinesis
Limited Dimension Creation
Pyro Immunity
Omnipotence (His dimension)
First Appearance Malware Returns
Voice Actor Gary Sturgis

Cyberchase is the Ultimatrix MK10's sample of a Vyroid from Cyberion. He is a free use alien.


Cyberchase is a blue, glowing humanoid in a shape somewhat like a lightning bolt. He is made completely out of electricity.


As his name suggests, Cyberchase can create a copy of himeself inside a dimension that mimics the concept of 'Cyberspace' on Earth computers. This also manifests itself into every electronic device on the planet that he is on.

In both this dimension and his 'Cyberspace' dimension, Cyberchase has Electrokinesis, Telekinesis, Technokinesis and levitation.

In this dimension, he is resistant to fire and heat, and can extract data from any devices near him.

In his dimension, he is omnipotent and can bend the reality around him.


If Cyberchase times out in his dimension, he could be trapped there forever.

Cyberchase is very dangerous to use because if used around computers he can wipe out all data.

Cyberchase is however, weak in close proximity to magnets causing agonizing deformation or even the inability to move.

When in his dimension, the Omnitrix uses a lot more energy than usual and causes it to time out quicker.

Any aliens that can absorb electricity can absorb him.


  • Cyberchase made his debut in Malware Returns, battling Malware. He trapped Malware in Cyberspace.



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