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Cyber Zero
Creator ToookaoA11p
Artist(s) and Others ToookaoA11p
Created on January 12,2020
Rating TV-14


In the year 2021,7 years after the ending of Omniverse ,aliens and humans coexist and are living peaceful,that is until the Swarm,nanaochip aliens that want revenge on humanity,reforms under their new Queen,Elena Validus,as this happens Illegatrixes,Antitrixes or Illegal Omnitrixes that transform people into corrupted or mutant versions of species from Earth-113 called "Illegaliens" or "Antialiens",appeared and the authorities do their best to stop them.

As the situation is critical a new mysterious Omnitrix called The Galaxytrix falls on earth and seeks a host,putting itself on the University student Kate Maddyson,now armed with 10 powerful alien forms she takes the pseudonym "Cyber" and she must now fight the threats known as the Swarm and The Illegaliens.


Season 1

1.The Stakes of Zero

The Alien Swarm is attacking the earth,and as so the device known as Galaxytrix finds an host named Kate Maddyson.Its purpose?Save the Universe!

2.Battle Royale

An Illegaliens battle royale happens in the dephts of New York City.Only the powerful survive!


In New York,the policewoman Yuuka Momoya investigates the Galaxytrix's mysterious appearance.

4.The Stakes are High

Jessica Montoya is chosen the new Alien Swarm's Queen.Will she be corrupted or get mad by the Swarm's mind?

5.Survival is the only option

Kate needs to overcome her fears in order to save a friend.Will she succeed?

6.And Then There Were 4

The Stories of our 4 protagonists cross paths as an band of Illegaliens Criminals try to kill everyone in New York.

7.The Original

Kate Maddyson meets the original hero of the universe,Ben Tennyson but an old threat returns!


Jessica Montoya is killed by an unknown alien.What does Kate wants?REVENGE for the death of her best friend!

9.The Bonds

Kate's Body is Take Over by The High Override,as her friends try to stop her havoc as Electricrock,as she must deal with her most hard moments of her life.

10.The Alien Swarm

The Alien Swarm finally attack and the final battle emerges,as our heroes prepare for the counterattack!


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  • Kate Maddyson
  • Jack Kira
  • Yuuka Momoya
  • Jessica Montoya


  • The Alien Swarm
  • The Illegaliens


Kate's Aliens

  • Celer
  • Stack Back
  • Overflow
  • Giga
  • Geminati
  • Fortior
  • Fulmine
  • Heatmeteor
  • Durum
  • Electricrock
  • Colorstone
  • Cavas

Jack's Aliens

  • Killer Hornet

Yuuka's Aliens

  • The Star Protector

Jessica's Aliens

  • Color
  • Ghost


  • Bashmouth
  • Bootleg
  • Crystalfist
  • Dark Matter
  • Hot Shot
  • Quad Smack
  • Rush
  • Skunkmoth
  • Thornblade
  • Undertow
  • Wreckingbolt


  • Cyber Zero's title is a pun on the alphanumeric character "K" that can be read as either "0" or "Zero"
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