Cyber 10 is one of the main characters in Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission, Shield of Justice and Cyberverse.
  • His real name is Ren Jefferson.
  • A student at Sevens High School.
  • Cyber is actually his nickname, the nickname was inspired by The Cybermatrix.
  • He found the Cybermatrix when he was 12.
  • He has a sidekick named Max Wellington.


Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission

Ren wears a blue shirt with a brown and blue jacket that has "CA" written on it. He also wears a pair of greyish trousers. His sneakers are black and white.

In Return of the Control Freak, he wears a green shirt and a pair of brown trousers.

Shield of Justice

He wears a shirt that has the number 10 written on it. Sometimes he wears the green version of the shirt and sometimes he wears the brown version of the shirt. He wears greyish trousers and a pair of cyan and white coloured sneakers.


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