Cyber-Hide is a villain first introduced in Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse, and is the main villain of Season 1.

General Information


Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: TBA
Goal: To gain the Omnitrix
Abilities: Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
Immortality (when device on back is on)
1st appearance: The Ultimate Start
Arch-enemy: Ben Tennyson
Henchmen/Leader: Unknown


Cyber-Hide takes the appearance of a muscular humanoid. His skin is mainly dark/musky green. His right arm is very muscular, and he has five muscular fingers. On his shoulder are threee green spikes. His left hand is cybernetically enhanced. Instead of having fingers, he has a canon that can shoot many projectiles, ranging from flamethrower, to energy blast, to many other things. This arm also has light blue lines made of technology running across it. On his chest are three black orbs. His legs are muscular as well. He wears black plants and has a a green belt with three blue lines on it. He also wears large block-shaped boots. On his back is a round black device with three green lines coming from it that just dangle in mid-air. His eyes are purple, and he has a scar under his mouth.


Cyber-Hide was previously a human scientist, until an experiment with alien DNA went wrong, and he was infected it with it. He lost nearly all of his sanity, and forgot all about his family and friends. Because of his lack of thinking in this state, he went on a rampage, destroying most of his city. When plumbers attacked him, he ran off. In the sewers, his hiding spot, he creating a machine that would bring back most of his sanity, and increase his power. Then, he decided to take his revenge on the scientist, Plumbers, and everyone else who rejected and attacked him. When he heard about the famous Ben Tennyson, and his highly powerful Ultomnitrix, he wanted it's power. So, when the time came, Cyber-Hide came out of hiding, ready to destroy Ben, and take the Omnitrix for himself.


Cyber-Hide has a very cold personality, only caring about himself and making sure his goals go as planned. Even to his fellow villains, he shows coldness, anger, and indifference. One rare occasions, he'll show signs of mean humor and sarcasm. But when things do not go as he plans, he shows no mercy to no one.


Cyber-Hide has an extremely large and muscular body, making him very durable. He is also extemely smart and extremely powerful. Cyber-Hide's left cannon arm can fire many kids of blast. Cyber-Hide is also a technopath, being able to bring technology to life, control technology with his mind, and even combine it with his own power. The device on Cyber Hide's back keeps Cyber-Hide well and healthy.IN sixth arc he absorbs the power of all villains and become power ful


Cyber-Hide's device keeps him alive, and he'd grow much weaker without it.


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