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Cyanne is the Necrofriggian younger sibling of Chili. He was supposed to give Chili a Cyogen crystal transplant after his last one was stolen, but Scarogus got to him beforehand and had him locked away on the Thep Khufan Commander's ship, so Chili would perish without speaking a word of him. While Scarogus took only one Cyogen crystal from Cyanne, he is known to have more than one.

He first appeared in No Strings Attached.


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Powers and Equipment[]

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Back in Action: Alien Universe[]

  • In No Strings Attached, Cyanne, having known about his brother's hospitalization, wants to give a transplant to him. He is at some point captured by Elena and thrown into the Commander's ship's jail.
  • In Missing Link, he escapes from the Commander's jail. As he was supposed to be eliminated, Ben saved his life, but when he finally had the chance to injure Albedo and head back to his brother's infirmary, he was trapped in the form of Albedo Ben. He was wrongly thrown into Incarceron by the first-generation Mistress.
  • In Revelation, he reveals that he's turning a new leaf. After having lost his brother towards the end of Missing Link, he seeks to avenge Chili by eliminating Albedo in whatever way possible. He joins Vilgax, Malevolence, and Slix Beta in their forthcoming attempt in being the first non-Galvans (albeit, featuring a Galvan in the team) to escape the Null Void variation of Incarceron. Vilgax swore vengeance upon him for leaving.
  • In Maximum Slumber, he is back in the prison, and alongside Grantgrant, serves Vilgax and Malevolence once more as Kevin Levin investigates multiple POIs in the poisoning of Max Tennyson. During Endgame, his arrival in NVI - after being recovered by Spitshine and Malevolence from a wrecked Plumber vehicle - is detailed.
  • In Malevolence, he aids Malevolence and Vilgax with their escape effort, but betrays them at a crucial point to rescue Ben. Thanks to his freezing, Vilgax was rendered handless. He was briefly killed until being revived by Healding.



  • He is the first character in the Alien Universe franchise to switch sides (from hero/10 Squad ally to villain).
  • He says that ever since he entered Incarceron that his role model is Vilgax, later seeking revenge on Super Ben because he believed Ben was behind Vilgax becoming injured and re-captured by the Incarceron guards (when in reality, it was Future Ben's fault).
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