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Curaré is a highly trained assassin from Arabian origin. She is considered one of the best assassins on Earth. She was hired to infiltrate and take out the Anubis' Crypt Guards for the Sons of the Earth. She appears for the first time in the 33th episode of Ben 10: Alien Alliance: Bring me to Horutra.

Description []

Curaré is a woman form mid-20 of Arabian origin. She mostly wears a blue specially develloped catsuit which increases her stamina in battle. She also wears a Ancient Egyptian style white skirt and top. She also have bandages around her lower arms. She also wears a headscraf which covers most of her face and serves as a mantle too. Her weapons are scimitar and dirks.

She is a cold-blooded, straightminded assassin who hunt and/or kills people with any remorse.


She started her training as assassin when she was 16 years. After 5 years, being trained by several ninja teachers and even a Darkustar. She became one of the most respected and deadliest assassins of the world. She is known as one of the most expensive assassins and is only hired by people who want really someone dead and only that one. For alien subject, she asks extra since the special they could have. She haven't failed much. Currently, she works for BK-Corps.

and abilities[]

She is very fast and agile. In combination with her skills of martial arts, she posses as serious threat for everyone who become a target or gets in her way as she is on the hunt for a target. But she wont kill someone if she doesn't think he or she is a threat for her missions.


She's only a human.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance[]

Season 2[]


  • She's a character of Batman Beyond.