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Crystalchop is an alien in Sean 10: A New Generation. He is a Zirconasapien from the 12th Petropian moon, Zirconia.



Crystalchop is a light-built, two-legged crystalline alien. His entire body is covered in dark blue crystal. His Codonatrix symbol is on his chest. His arms and legs have spikes on them. His arms can look different depending on what he wants them to look like.


Crystalchop has extremely advanced shapeshifting abilities in his arms. He can form his hands into crystal versions of virtually anything, from shields to swords to accurate machine guns that fire crystalline bullets. He is invulnerable to many types of attacks, including fire and laser attacks. He can shoot crystal projectiles and also excels in hand-to-hand combat. Crystalchop has moderate superstrength and incredible durability. Nearly any projectile attack bounces right off of him and into the attacker. Crystalchop can also regenerate lost limbs.


Crystalchop can only regenerate limbs to a certain extent, so if he is brutally attacked, he may permanently break. Extreme heat can cause him to melt. His most prominent weakness is sonic attacks, which break him wide open. Although he is relatively strong, a punch by a stronger enemy has the potential to break him.

Personality Changes[]

When Sean turns into Crystalchop, he takes things more seriously and has a no-nonsense attitude. He always talks about the mission and is a more strict leader.


  • Crystalchop is Sean's equivalent to Diamondhead.
  • Crystalchop can only turn his arms into weapons he already knows about.