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General Information
Species Crystalosaurus
Home World Minerva
Body T rex
Predator None
Prey Mineralsapiens
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Tail projectiles
Voice Actor IceNinja Productions

Crystalbreak is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Crystalosaurus from Petropia's moon Minerva in Universe-128.


Crystalbreak greatly resembles an Earth Tyrannosaurus Rex. Crystalbreak is made completely of rocks and gems. His body, tail, legs and head are rock, while his teeth, spikes, and massive arms are made purely of gems. Crystalbreak has spikes going from his neck to the tip of his tail. He is 20 feet tall and 40 feet long.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his Leg.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sharp teeth- Crystalbreak’s teeth are made of indestructible gems, his bite can tear through any material.
  • Strong punches- his massive arms are made of the same gems giving him a powerful blow to anything he punches.
  • Tail projectiles- Crystalbreak can shoot out the gems on his tail like projectiles. His projectile gems have the different abilities based on color:
    • Red Crystals- Melts the surface of the target, similarly to lava.
    • Blue Crystals- Freezes the target almost instantly.
    • Yellow Crystals- Releases an electric shock on the target.
    • Purple Crystals- Injects a potent poison to whoever comes in contact with it.
    • Green Crystals- Inflicts slow and repetitive muscle contractions, causing the foe to make slow movement.
    • Orange Crystals- Cause temporary blindness on the target.
    • Grey Crystals- Extra sharp crystals, allowing for a more piercing shot.
  • Durability- his body is more durable than Gemrock's, being able to withstand a To'kustar stomping on him.
  • Speed- Crystalbreak is not a speed alien but can run up to 90 miles per hour


  • Heat: high enough levels of heat can kill Crystalbreak.
  • High levels of energy: Levels of energy of Way Big or greater, can destroy Crystalbreak.


The Mineralsapiens, dwelled on Petropia's moon Minerva. They are an extinct species that Ben acquired after Sugilite resurrected Petropia. They once had a subspecies called Jewelsapiens. The Jewelsapiens were nearly identical to the Mineralsapiens except the fact that they have no shell. The shell is what allows the Mineralsapiens to feed, absorbing the energy of their crystals. However since the Jewelsapiens had no shell, they could not provide themselves with their own food. This caused them to go savage, they began hunting their own subspecies to survive, but the Mineralsapiens weren't going down without a fight. They managed to trap the Jewelsapiens into underground tunnel systems. After millennials of being imprisoned, and harvesting on the older Jewelsapiens, they evolved into something horrific. They became what could only resemble an Earth t-rex comprised of rocks and jewels, with giant crystal teeth and massive crystal arms. They managed to free themselves, and returned to the surface with a very empty stomach and an appetite for Mineralsapiens. This caused a predator-prey relationship between the Mineralsapiens, and the newly evolved Crystalosaurus. The cause of their extinction comes from their valuable crystals, that were often poached and used as weapons. Eventually, this poaching along with them being the targeted prey of massive monsters, led to the extinction of their entire species.




  • Crystalbreak can survive Waybig, making him the most durable transformation Ben has that is not in the power house playlist.
  • Crystalbreak was created by IceNinja Productions and drawn by Xavier Pokedex.