Crystal Days
Crystal Days Re
General Information
Species Crystalsapien
Home World Petropia
Body Crystalline Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Chromastone
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ultraviolet Manipulation
Energy Absorption
Alien Number 25
Namesake Crystal Days by Echo & the Bunnymen
Echo & the Bunnymen - Crystal Days

Echo & the Bunnymen - Crystal Days

First Appearance Generations of Men: Part 2
Crystal Days is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.

He is one of the Earth-83 equivalents of Chromastone.


Crystal Days' abilities include:

  • Ultraviolet Manipulation
  • Ultraviolet Vision
  • Energy Absorption
  • Energy Redirection
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Flight


Crystal Days is a tall, purple humanoid alien with a stone-like body. He has magenta spikes on his back and torso, along with patches of magenta crystal on his arms, abdomen, and legs. He has black markings across various parts of his body, and the StarTrix Requiem symbol is on his left forearm.


Crystal Days is unable to absorb energy if he's caught off-guard.




  • Crystal Days' original appearance was based on the prototype Omniverse version of Chromastone.

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