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Cryptowave is the Omnitrix's sample of unidentified molecule, belonging to an unknown species.


Cryptowave does not have an appearance, as he is constantly invisible and intangible. The way for him to be spotted is by merging with space waves. He creates an illusion of moving and phasing particles.

Powers and Abilities

Cryptowave cannot be spotted by normal means, which allows him to sneak somewhere without being noticed, or spy on someone or something.

Due to his origins, Cryptowave can easily survive in space. He can also phase in order to move himself through it.

Due to not having DNA, Cryptowave is radiation-proof. He is also immune to mutations.

Cryptowave has a weird way to highlight himself, which requires wave movement. It creates an illusion of an outline.


Cryptowave can't interact with physical matter. This has both a positive and negative side, as this excludes any attack, whether from Cryptowave or the enemy.

Cryptowave's intangibility cancels out when meeting an intangible opponent.


If Cryptowave is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


If Cryptowave is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


Crypto is Ancient Greek for "hidden".


  • Cryptowave, despite not having DNA, could be stored inside the Omnitrix. This is because the structure of its life molecule has the same base.
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