Suchomimohomo sapiens biocryus (Cryosapien)
General Information
Home World Hailfire
Body Dinosaur made of ice
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Intelligance
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Cryo Vision

Suchmimohomo sapiens biocryuses are a race of dinosaurs made of ice


Cryosapiens are humanoid Suchomimuses that somehow evolved their anatomy into living ice.

Powers and Abilities

Cryosapiens possess more resistance of injuries, able to keep up with trucks, and can shoot ice beams from their pupilless eyes. They are also skilled inventors, scientists, and hackers.


When introduced to hot materials and substances, Cryosapiens will be unable to use their cryo vision. This also limits their durability.

Notable Cryosapiens

  • Yang (X-Matrix's DNA Sample of a Crypsapien)


  • The enviornemnt Hailfire's Suchomomiuses evolved in were swamps like the Suchomimus on Earth. Though when their side of the planet turned near absolute zero, they adapted into their living ice anatomy.
  • They were also inspired by Yinyang.
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